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Why Online Stationery Makes Mom Life Much Easier

Growing up southern, we were taught that every good gift or get-together requires a 'thank you' note. Regional roots aside, I think everyone appreciates getting a hand-written note in the mail from your bestie or party pal. It's nice to thank others for their kindnesses and to receive thanks in return you know? Small gestures mean a lot, especially in today's world. I'm just saying.

I'm also saying this: it's hard, time-consuming work to crank out dozens of personalized 'thank you' notes. Not that our loved ones aren't worth it, but let's be real. No one ever said "oh I can't wait to sit down and gather all the addresses and hand write every note and go to the post office for stamps and mail them all out! Yippee!" Don't call me out for being a Scrooge because it's just facts: everyone loves a 'thank you' note, no one loves writing them. In bulk anyway.


Here is where I offer a solution to this situation we ALL find ourselves in. Did you know online stationery is a thing now? I just discovered it on Paperless Post and my instant reaction was YAAASSSS! Exactly what I need. Good design, budget friendly, convenient. Drop an 'amen' if you're feeling this, too!

I've always been a big fan of Paperless Post, using their site to send online party invitations and their printed paper collection for Harlow's birth and baptism announcements. Their design aesthetic is so good: romantic yet minimal, darling yet sophisticated. There's always a design option I love that perfectly suits the mood or theme of the occasion. They even carry designs by famous names like Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, Liberty, Marimekko, and Rifle Paper Co to name a few.

I love the variety, everything from the floral French motif to the cute collage for new parents to send to their support tribe. And how cool is it for newlyweds to pop one of their gorgeous wedding photos in a 'thank you' card for a wedding gift??


And even better/cuter/sweeter: they offer kids' stationery! You can write a 'thank you' note from your child to their birthday party guest, or just send sweet notes to family and friends.

There are so many designs I loved for Harlow I couldn't pick just one! That's another perk: you don't have to commit to just one design for a whole stack of stationery. You can change the look every time you want to send a note, or even just add recipient names to existing notes/designs. It's genius in it's simplicity.

These are some of my faves for kids' stationery, thank you notes, and envelope liners.


I know the focus here is on 'thank you' notes but I also LOVE online stationery for sending sweet 'thinking of you' missives on the spur of the moment to a friend that's on your mind. Me personally, I'm in a season of life in which life is crazy and busy and I just try to get through my days. Lots of things get neglected, including people and friendships I love, which sounds crappy but it's the truth. It doesn't mean I don't totally miss and love those people, though! So I like the idea of sending a pretty note to a friend "just because." No text, no stamp, just a little love.


So what do you think -- does online stationery appeal to you? Would it make 'thank you' and other personalized notes easier to handle and quicker to send out if they were all at the tip of your fingers online? Honestly I do think there are still occasions when hand-written is best. However, I did research the etiquette on this and more and more people are saying that online 'thank you' notes are okay since we're all busy and just want to be acknowledged regardless of the medium. Do you agree?

As always, I'm so thankful for your time, support, and sharing the love!



Thank you to Paperless Post for partnering with me on this post! Full disclosure: they asked me to check out their online stationery myself and experience it before committing to feature it here on my blog. I did, and I LOVE it! That's why you're seeing this post on The Tony Townie today.

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