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5 Ways To Wear The Utility Spring Trend

JACKET (old Old Navy, similar) // CAMI // PANTS // BAG


I always love a new season of fashion trends but this year we've got some particularly good ones IMO. What makes them "good" is that they're actually cute but more importantly they're easy for most of us to wear. Sometimes you just see a trend and you're like "whaaaa....? It's a no from me." But not this year, and not this trend!

THIS trend -- the utility trend -- is M-A-J-O-R. It's everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Think of it as 'safari chic' or military inspired. What typically defines a utility piece is A) chest pockets, B) a sturdy fabric such as cotton poplin, and C) a button placket (read: it buttons from top to bottom). As always, there are exceptions to these guidelines -- without mixing things up what would keep fashion new and interesting? But for the most part, those outdoorsy-meet-military details and the earthy color palette (khaki, olive, beige, sometimes blue) are what define the trend and what you should look for when shopping for the right utility trend piece for YOU!

And there's a little something for errrybody with this trend, which makes it sooo good! I pulled five different utility pieces -- a short jacket, long trench, shirt, dress, and vest -- to show you both how many pieces qualify for this trend and how to wear them! Really and truly this trend is super classic and effortless for spring and summer regardless of what the year's trends are. I've owned several of these pieces for YEARS and will wear them all the more this season! Classic, well-made pieces are good like that ;)



A cargo jacket, a military-inspired jacket, call it what you want: just get one! A utility jacket adds a soft edge to a look. Layer one over your favorite tee/tank and jeans, or create great contrast by wearing this tough jacket over a delicate dress. Often times it's the perfect substitute for a denim jacket. Utility jackets come in all price ranges so look for the one with the fit and stylization that suits you best. If olive green isn't your fave, look for a jacket in khaki, blue, or even a springy color!

Shop my outfit + my top picks for utility jackets on the carousel below!



Remember when I said this whole trend is more timeless than trendy? If the trench coat qualifies than that just tells the whole tale. Every fashion authority says a trench coat is a core wardrobe piece every woman must own. While I debate this myself, I can't deny the timeless chic quality of a good trench. Just like the utility jacket, the secret lies in finding the right fit, tone, and stylization that best suits your style. I prefer a softer silhouette with a little bit of drape versus a rigid, military-inspired trench.

Shop my outfit + my top picks for soft trench coats on the carousel below!



A shirt with pockets on the chest and buttons down the front. Easy peasy. Just remember to look for military-inspired details and sturdier fabrics. If it looks like you'd wear it under a suit jacket, it's not the right style. The shirt should have a more rugged, casual quality about it. That way when you style it with delicate jewelry or a feminine skirt you get that hard-soft contrast that high fashion thrives on!

Shop my outfit + my top picks for utility shirts on the carousel below!



Essentially the same as a utility shirt, only longer. A shirt dress should have a point collar, button front, and a tie at the waist. Some will have pockets across the breast, others won't. This is an example of how you get to choose the piece that works best for you and your style. If you want to go high on the utility look, choose a shirt dress with breast pockets in that earthy color palette I outlined in my intro. But if you're wanting to pay homage to the trend without going all in, forgo the breast pockets and go with a classic color you love to wear.

Shop my top picks for utility shirt dresses on the carousel below!



A true third piece, a layering vest is a fun way to style up basic tees and tops, or even dresses. It makes your basics look more chic and intentional, which is the beauty of the 'third piece rule.' I've had this vest for years so unfortunately I can't link this exact one. I've hung on to it for so long because of its versatile color, the softer silhouette, and the 'third piece' effect.

Shop my outfit + my top picks for utility vests on the carousel below!


The real beauty of this trend is that you can really make it your own with how many pieces that qualify as 'utility inspired.' Maybe you're not into the vest but you can get down with the shirt. Or perhaps you don't wear a lot of olive green but you're a big fan of khaki and navy. It's allllll good baby BAY-by!

So what do you think -- will you be adding a utility piece to your spring wardrobe? Do you already own a piece or two within the trend? Even as I build my spring capsule wardrobe, I've got several utility inspired pieces I keep coming back to, some of which are years old!

Thank you so so much for coming to the blog today and for sharing the love!


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