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My Spring Capsule Wardrobe Color Palette

Spring Colors Womens Fashion 2019

Hey friends! Last week I made big headway on building my spring capsule wardrobe into the workable, versatile unit I want it to be. Of course, IF it's going to work I have to get the right pieces with the right fit in the right colors! Creating lots of outfits out of the same pieces requires the colors and tones to complement each other. That's why I want to share with y'all the colors I'm creating my capsule wardrobe out of for spring!

The colors // The romantic in me is calling it 'Springtime in Santa Fe.' I envision a sunny day in the desert: blue skies; sienna sunsets; green cacti; coral-rose blooms...anchored by whites, blacks, and grays. The look hits right in that sweet spot of 'minimalist modern-meets boho chic' that I orbit around. And I'm freaking pumped!

Spring Trending Colors 2019

Why a color palette helps // Having a defined color palette helps you navigate the rocky road of deciding which new pieces to mix with what you already have. What I like about this particular collection of spring colors is that they're a great mix of colors and neutrals. The colors I picked -- coral-rose, sienna, green, pale blue -- can all pair with black, tan, and gray. Also, since the colors all share earthy undertones, they look good together for a fun color-on-color look!

Real life example // This isn't to say I won't allow myself to add anything outside of this color palette, but it does really help guide my choices. For example, if an item I like comes in several colors I can have a hard time deciding which one to pick. Knowing the core colors and neutrals you have to build an outfit around really helps narrow down the options to the smartest ones for YOU. It also helps you identify which colors you have enough of, and which you may need to add for greater versatility.

Coming soon // I'm super duper excited to share my entire spring capsule wardrobe with you as soon as next week! Just waiting on a few more pieces to come in, and to check how they fit. ALWAYS ALWAYS prioritize the fit of an item over all else! When it fits your body as it should your entire outfit looks elevated and stylish. Then you can worry about styling it to suit your tastes and mood!


What colors are you gravitating towards for spring? Do you have a core collection of colors and neutrals you like to build around? If not, do you think it would help your wardrobe and outfit rotation if you did? Not throwing shade, just curious!

Hope y'all are having a great start to your week so far! We battled allergies all day on Monday so I'm on a little out of sync on what day it is! 'Tis the season I suppose!


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