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S-s-s-spring Trend: 10 Snake Print Pieces Under $100

Woman holding snake print bucket bag over her shoulder

We're full-fledged citizens of the animal kingdom this spring, y'all. Leopard, python, zebra...animal prints are sitting a-top the food chain of fashion like whoa. This is a trend I can get down with, and definitely one "the every girl" can adapt to her own sense of style...and budget!

Personally, I'm always down for a leopard print moment. Anna Wintour herself can say it's gone out of fashion and I'll put her on mute. Love the leopard. Zebra...ehh, not so much. A little too safari for me. Python, or snake print, is super chic IF it's done well. It can go tacky-cheapy in a heartbeat if you're not careful.

For this major spring 2019 trend, I like a clean, uniform print in classic silhouettes. Think a really great bag to snazz up a minimal look, or some shoes to do the same. If you want a piece of clothing in snake print, avoid overly tight fits in bright colors. Choose one or the other if you're dead set on a fitted or a colorful piece. But for what it's worth, a traditional gray-beige snake print will look more luxe and stay classic for seasons to come.

If you're like me, you may wanna try the trend without blowing a wad of cash. These snake print pieces are under $50 and $100 and there's a little something for everyone! Shoes, dresses, bags...the good stuff ya know? I already got this bucket bag and these low heels to add a little somethin' something' to my minimal capsule wardrobe!


Under $50

Just got this for myself! The print is gorgeous, and the size is small-medium.

In love with this dress! So easy-breezy, and shirt dresses are another major trend this year!

A printed sandal is a great way to dress up a basic shirt and jeans/jean shorts.

The best way to try a trend and/or keep a look classic is to get it in an accessory. The tones in this clutch would go with several neutrals and colors.

I never would've believed I'd like a pink python skirt but lo and behold, I do. A lot.

Another accessory option for trying out a trend with low-level commitment.

Since sienna brown and black are two of my core colors for my spring capsule wardrobe, I got these fun sandals in a low, walkable heel to add print to my neutrals.

Love a good mule, and a great alternative to your summer sandals and sneakers.


Under $100

Wear with jeans, cropped pants, and midi dresses. So, so good.

A shirtdress is the perfect silhouette for wearing snake print in a smart, chic way. The turquoise is a fun mix with the brown and cream.

A heeled snake print mule made more casual with a wooden stacked heel. If you dress casually most of the time this is a great shoe to mix into your rotation.

Love the idea of this top with some high-waisted denim, heeled boots, and an ivory rancher hat.

Another ankle bootie, this time in tans and creams instead of black and white.


What do you think -- will you try snake print for spring? Do you like animal prints at all, or do you draw the line at the more classic leopard print? I'm somewhere in the middle, definitely interested in the trend without a big financial commitment. Hopefully if you're in the same place, or even if you're all in, you found something here you like, too!

Hope y'all are having a fabulous day, and thank you for coming to visit my blog today!


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