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5 Ways To Wear Cropped White Pants for Spring and Summer

All white outfit, cropped wide leg white pants, GG belt

Y'all, we have a winner: these cropped wide leg white pants are the officially the hero piece of my spring capsule wardrobe. I want to wear them with everything, every day. If you saw on Instagram Stories, I made a hot take and announced I'm over the skinny jeans and all in on the wide leg crops for spring and summer. Don't worry, skinnies aren't "out" by any means, but they're definitely not what I want to wear right now.

Wide leg cropped pants are where it's AT! So flattering -- they instantly define the waist. So slimming -- they skim right down the leg. So comfortable -- they're not restrictive, tight, and they're breeze on a hot day. My skinny jeans can't check all those boxes, not even close. I'm sure I'll wear them here or there (and switch again once fall rolls around), but these cropped pants are my go-to and I'm here for it!

Besides telling the good news of why they're so darn great, I wanted to share some styling ideas for cropped white pants as we head into summer. Here are five ways I love to wear to wear my white pants for all occasions. Weekdays, weekends, vacation, mama's night out...there's an outfit idea for all the ways we like to summer!


Look 1: Coastal Stripes

Summer outfit, cropped white wide leg pants, navy striped shirt, straw bag

What says 'summer at the beach' more than navy stripes and crisp white pants? I love this striped top that feels like a performance fabric -- incredibly light, semi-fitted, with the perfect amount of stretch. This straw bag is big enough to function as a daytime tote to carry all your necessities. Finish with a pair of tan sandals or slides.


Look 2: Chambray All Day

Summer outfit, cropped wide leg white pants, chambray shirt, studded sandals

I call this my 'Madewell lookalike' outfit looks like it's from our favorite minimal chic store. But it's not! I found this chambray button-up shirt at Target for just $18. I knotted it at the front to keep the waist defined and the proportions right without a fussy tuck. The gold metallic details of my bag and sandals pop against this simple look. (Linked similar sandals since mine are from last year.)


Look 3: Mom-Chella

Summer outfit, Led Zeppelin t-shirt, cropped wide leg white pants, black floppy hat, leopard print sandals

Coachella, meet mom style. Really wants going on here is a styling idea for your band tee. You don't need to wear ripped jeans or leather leggings or mixed prints to mirror the edginess of your band t-shirt. Instead, let a brimmed hat bring the festival vibes to your look, and add a pop of print with some leopard print sandals. The pants will ever-so-slightly elevate your look to keep it more classic casual instead of concert bound.


Look 4: Bodysuit

Summer outfit, cropped wide leg white pants, peach bodysuit

So if these pants are my #1 hero piece, then bodysuits are my 1A. Some of the prettiest blouses are bodysuits, and the fit is on point. The fitted look of this bodysuit balances the wider silhouette of the pant so perfectly. Plus you keep your waist defined without having to tuck or tie your shirt. Easier for everyone! Free People makes my favorite bodysuits, including this one with the pretty shoulder detail that's only $24.


Look 5: All White Everything*

All white outfit, cropped wide leg white pants, GG belt

*Well, almost everything. I love how warm, soft neutrals complement an all white outfit. The clutch bag, luxe belt, and heeled sandals dress up this otherwise simple look. And it really is simple! There's nothing groundbreaking about a white button-up shirt. But the monochromatic effect it creates with the pants, accented by the dressy accessories, make this classic summer look a great option for an evening out.


Are white pants a heavy hitter in your spring and summer wardrobe? Sometimes they can be hard to shop for, I know, but honestly these wide leg crops were an instant hit. Have you tried cropped pants yet? I don't want to call them a "trend" so to speak but they're definitely having a big moment!

Hopefully you found some style inspiration in here for your summer ahead, or even Memorial Day weekend knocking on our door! Wishing you a fun holiday weekend ahead!

Thank you for your time, support, and shares!


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