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The 5 Sandals You Need Every Year For Spring & Summer

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I went to get dressed the other day and pulled out my favorite sandals. You know the ones -- the Steve Madden Greece sandals, the best blogger shoe and Hermes knock-off of the last three years. I caught myself and thought 'you've been wearing these for a year now, do you need (*want*) new ones?'

The answer? A quick and firm "NO."

I love these shoes. They go with everything. They somehow look both casual and dressy enough. They're comfortable and look great on the foot. Why would I replace them? Because it's a new year and retailers are rolling out new shoes? I haven't found anything I like as much that I KNOW will have as many positives as I just listed above. Why spend the money?

And it's not just the Greece sandals I wear on repeat. I have about six pairs of sandals I wear all the time for all occasions. Some are flat, some heeled. All but one are neutral and some are identical in color but not style. I live for a good shoe moment as much as the next girl, but these are the ones I wear the most during spring and summer year after year! They're my most wearable, versatile, comfortable shoes.

If you're wondering which sandals to buy this summer, hopefully this list will come in handy. I promise that 99% of your summer life can be lived in these shoes or equivalent styles. (Gotta save that 1% for those Cinderella celebrations.) These are the actual shoes I have. If I can't find them or they're sold out I've listed styles as similar as I can find.

Lace-Up Flat Sandal

These lace-up sandals go with just about everything. They make a statement while showing a lot of bare foot, creating visual space that balances your outfit. Both minimal and boho style types match well with this shoe. I suggest picking a color that will blend well with your skin tone.

Madewell Boardwalk Lace Up Sandal, summer sandals,

Other Styles I Like:


Stacked Heel Sandal

These shoes are my "every day" heels, giving me a little lift but also super comfortable to walk around in for long periods of time. Stacked heel sandals have wide, chunky heels with a low toe box. They range from low or mid-range heel heights to platform. I prefer them to wedges and espadrilles which can be hard to balance in on some surfaces, plus they can be too tall for me at 5'8". These stacked heel sandals are the best of both the fashionable and functional worlds -- and psst! They're on sale now!

Madewell kate stacked heel sandal, summer sandal

Other Styles I Like:


Basic Slide Sandal

Your quintessential summer sandal, ladies and gents. Easy to slip on to run into the yard, go to the pool or beach, or just wear with your daily outfits. Seems simple, but finding the right sandal that does all that comfortably and matches your style can be tricky. I find these sandals to be the best I've ever found -- I own them in two colors. I found a handful of other slide sandals I love, too, if you're wanting something a little different with equal versatility.

Steve madden Greece slide sandal, summer sandals

Other Styles I Like:


Ankle Strap Sandals (Flat and Heeled)

Repeat after me: I NEED an ankle strap sandal. Seriously though. Your outfits -- especially your dressier ones -- need a shoe that can all but disappear on your foot. When you want the eye to focus on your clothing without being overwhelmed by "too much going on" with your look, a barely there ankle strap sandal is your answer. A nude heeled ankle strap sandal goes with just about everything. I love this style for a black flat every day sandal so it doesn't look too chunky, boxy, or heavy on my foot. Psst -- these black flat sandals are extra on sale right now!

Madewell Boardwalk Ankle Strap Sandal, black summer sandals
ASOS Truffle Collection barely there heeled ankle strap sandal, dressy summer sandal

Other Styles I Like:


Statement Flat Sandal

We all need a sandal with some personality to our summer style. Whether you want to spice up a minimal look or mix prints and tones, an embellished or printed sandal is an option you want in your summer shoe arsenal. I recommend sticking to a classic leopard print or metallic studded sandal rather than choose something trendy like pearls, pompoms, or beading. Not that you *shouldn't* buy those shoes (they're super cute!) but I would spend less money on those one-year wonders and invest more in a classic year-over-year statement sandal.

Loeffler Randall Sarie Leopard print sandal, summer sandals

Other Styles I Like:


Which pair(s) of sandals do you live in the most during spring and summer? Do you go back to the same pair year after year, or do you always want all new shoes for a new season? I find the older I get, the more I'm content with a handful of sandals I know will work with 99% of my closet...and my lifestle.

Thank you for coming by the blog today! All your support means so much!


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