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Best Budget Rosé Wines Under $15

Lifestyle blogger wears pink pleated dress, shares best budget rosé wines under $15 including AVA Grace


Question ladies: is it really summer if you're not drinking rosé? Once the temps started climbing in May all I could do was think pink (wine). Then I got this fun t-shirt from Nest that won me a free glass of wine in Charleston and I knew I'd up-levled this summer of rosé. And you know what? I'm here for it.

Anything qualifies as an excuse to pour a glass of wine on a summer evening. Went to the pool and back with my kids without going gray: pour a glass of rosé. Cooked a new summer pasta recipe to eat outside on the deck: grab me a wine glass. But I've still got the 'B' word to consider: the budget. With all the wine and socializing happening all the time, I need good wines that won't break my piggy bank wide open. And you know what? Great wines don't need to be expensive!


After some serious experimentation (a hard job but somebody has to do it!) I've narrowed down my list of favorite budget buy rosé wines to these four varieties. They're delicious and all cost less than $15! Some even less than $10. Cheers to that, friends!

Notorious Pink Grenache Rosé

notorious pink grenache rosé wine

'WOW' best describes this rosé. I tried it at the Champagne Bar here in Asheville and it knocked my socks off. Light, refreshing, not too dry but not sweet, notes of strawberry. Still trying to find it locally or somewhere online that ships to my zip code...until then you'll see me at Battery Park sipping this perfect summer rosé.


AVA Grace Rosé

AvA grace rosé wine

Another winner balanced between dry and sweet. Not extreme either way, just an easy drinking rosé. I found it locally at Publix in south Asheville.


Reserve des Chastelles Tavel Rosé

Reserve des Chastelles Tavel Rosé wine

Is it possible to talk budget rosés without bringing TJs into the discussion? I think not. It's got tons of fruit flavor, not sweet, tastes best with soft cheese, and costs less than $10. Baby get two!


Famille Bieler Aix-en-Provence Rosé

Famille Bieler Aix-en-Provence Rosé wine

Found this humdinger at Target -- woo woooo! Initially it tasted drier than I prefer but as I kept sipping it kept getting better and better. It cost about $10 and comes from France. Usually I don't need to know more than than, but it's good to know this one tastes good, too.


What is your favorite brand of rosé? Do you like a sweeter or drier version? Finding that in-between can be pretty tough but these four rosés are all the perfect combination of sweet and dry.

Thanks so much for coming by the blog today! Hope you're having a beautiful day!


Two glasses of rosé wine cheers at Asheville rooftop bar Capella on 9

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