Old Fashioned Ice Molds | Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Hats off to my husband for creating this original recipe on his own out of a need for a delicious Old Fashioned bourbon cocktail without lots of sugar. Between this and his mint julep recipe, Mike is quite the bourbon barkeep and I'm here for it! Long story short, his recurring neck and shoulder problems flame up when he eats even a moderate amount of sugar. But baby likes his bourbon drink so he came up with a way to infuse his bourbon with the flavors of an Old Fashioned sans the sugar punch. It turns out, some sugar substitutes freeze better than regular ol' sugar anyways. And what's better, his ice mold recipe also prevents your bourbon pour from getting watered down too quickly from fast-melting ice!


To create your own Old Fashioned ice molds and make this craft bourbon cocktail at home, here's everything you'll need:

  • Large spherical ice molds, one per drink (we use these)

  • Half pack of Truvia sugar substitute per ice mold (freezes better than sugar)

  • One small orange or clementine, cut into wedges

  • Bitters (Angostura bitters are the traditional choice but feel free to mix it up with a flavor!)

  • Bourbon-soaked maraschino cherries (we love these by Woodford Reserve)


  • Start with empty ice molds. Remove lids.

  • Into each mold:

  • Pour the Truvia.

  • Add 2-3 shakes of bitters.

  • Squeeze juice of orange into the mold before putting in entire slice, including peel.

  • Put cherry on top!

  • Fill with water up to the indicator line to avoid overflow and icing the lid shut.

  • Place in freezer overnight

  • When ready to drink, place Old Fashioned ice sphere into a rocks glass and pour bourbon, whiskey, or brandy around it.

  • Enjoy!

What's your favorite way to drink bourbon? I like just a touch of sweetness to take the edge off my bourbon, but not too much. These are great sippers for enjoying a slow summer evening on the porch or an autumn night by the fire.

The next bourbon cocktail I want Mike to put his spin on is the bourbon slushie. We had one at the Maker's Mark distillery and it was addictive. Better get to blending before the summer winds down! Be sure to check out the other bourbon cocktail recipes from the blog linked in the 'Related Posts' section below!




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