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Your Game Day Outfit Style Guide

Football is baaack! From now until the new year, I'll be spending my Saturdays and Sundays watching football, cooking up delicious game day foods and outfits. I've been tailgating and going to ball games since I was a little girl and every season I try to come up with new ways to sport my team apparel in a fashionable way.

Even though I'm a Tar Heel through and through, I know not everybody rocks Carolina blue. Below you'll also find game day outfit ideas for schools that wear orange/white and red/black, including Clemson, Tennessee, Georgia, NC State, and Ohio State. I'm a good sport like that...but don't @ with me any ideas that I've switched allegiances. (Never gonna happen.) In all honesty, you can adapt any of these looks to match your school's colors. Just follow these core style tips below to make sure your outfit is game ready!

Quick Tips For A Winning Game Day Outfit

We're going beyond a team t-shirt and blue jeans here, y'all. So I'm going to break it down into a few essential tips for how to dress for a football game but make it fashion.

Know your team's official and secondary colors. Every team usually has two primary and one secondary colors. For example, Carolina's are Carolina blue and white, with navy as their secondary color. Navy, not black. Likewise, Clemson's colors are orange and white with purple...not dark blue. Avoid using any unofficial colors as a dominant piece of your outfit.

Denim is always okay. Just because blue isn't a team color, everybody wears blue jeans and denim jackets.

Wear your team colors on top. Your tops and top layers are what show up in the stands, contributing to the overall game day atmosphere. Be sure your shirts, sweaters, jackets, and hats are in line with your team's colors. If you're determined to wear black even though it's not one of your colors, wear black pants or jeans and shoes.

Look for prints and patterns that include your team colors. While utilizing color blocking and team logos is always a fine idea, adding a fun pop of print can take your game day look up a notch. Tar Heels can easily adopt seersucker as a go-to print. Alabama fans should embrace houndstooth, a print not only beloved by their famous coach Bear Bryant but also easy to style with their crimson/black/white color palette. If your mascot is a big cat, go for animal print or a graphic tee.

Layer up with team colors and logos when the temperatures drop. Football is best enjoyed in chilly weather but you've got to dress for it to stay warm and look cool. Start with a team t-shirt as your most basic layer. Layer on top with pieces like hoodies, cardigans, sweatshirts, blazers, puffy vests, and leather jackets. Once the weather gets really cold, wear your warmest coat with a team scarf and knit hat.

When in doubt, apply a temporary tattoo. When you're short on time go with jeans, a solid tee or sweater, and apply a temporary team tattoo to your cheek.


Game Day Outfits To Try

Check out these ten game day outfit ideas divided by school colors. Keep in mind that every look can be tailored to your team with a few color swaps!

If your team wears light blue, white, and navy...

Idea #1: Season Kickoff Summer Dress

Game day outfit idea: blue sun dress, white mules, Twine and Twig necklace, white rancher hat.


Idea #2: Early Fall Light Layers

Game day outfit idea for North Carolina Tar Heels fans: navy plaid shirt, flare jeans, blue scarf, blue coat, Twine and Twig necklace.

LEATHER EARRINGS (made locally by Sparkles & Stags)


Idea #3: White Jeans + Jean Jackets

Game day outfit idea: team t-shirt, white jeans, oversized denim jacket, ankle booties, Tar Heel gemstone lapel pin

Vintage Tar Heel gemstone lapel pin from Shrunken Head circa 1990


Idea #4: Patterned Shirt Over Team Tee

Game day outfit idea for North Carolina Tar Heel fans: team t-shirt, blue striped shirt, skinny jeans, blazer, lapel pins

(Apologies for the awkward, deer-in-headlights photos. I forgot to take photos of this outfit and had to take screenshots from the video.)


If your team wears red, white, black, and gray...

Idea #5: Printed Shirts + Colorful Pants

Game day outfit idea, red black white team colors: black plaid shirt, red paper bag trousers, white mules.

Idea #6: Dressy Layers + Team Knit Hat

Game day outfit idea for Atlanta Falcons fans: black turtleneck, black moto leggings, gray wool car coat, black scarf, team knit hat.

Idea #7: Casual Layers in School Colors

Game day outfit idea for Alabama fans: black turtleneck, black moto leggings, crimson puffer vest, gray knit hat.

Idea #8: Layers Over Logos

Game day outfit idea for Atlanta Falcons fans: team logo t-shirt, zip up hoodie sweatshirt, leather jacket, jeans, team hat.

(LOL I can't with this mug shot photo! Again, had to take a screenshot from the video because I forgot to photograph this outfit. My B!)


If your team wears orange and white...

Idea #9: Team Tee, Skirt, and Boots

Game day outfit idea for Tennessee football fans: team logo t-shirt, corduroy skirt, boots, duster cardigan sweater.  Style ideas by fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist Brooke Williams.


Idea #10: Colorful Sweater, Cozy Vest

Game day outfit idea for Clemson and Tennessee football fans: orange sweater, white faux fur vest, jeans, over the knee boots. Fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist.


Are you a football fan? Do you go to the games or just come for the tailgate? I live for a cool autumn Saturday tailgating with friends before a big football game. It's basically a southern tradition.

Hopefully I gave you some ideas for what to wear to your next game day or game watch party! Thank you for coming by the blog today -- your time and support mean the world!


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