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Halloween Fireplace & Mantel Decor

This year I went all out with our Halloween fireplace and mantel decor since Harlow is more excited about the holiday than ever before. That being said, she's really not into creepy, scary decorations (she gets that from me) and I really can't afford to splurge on skeletons and spiderwebs. (Okay the fake spiderwebs cost like $1 but you get my drift.)

I decided on what I'm calling a traditional/spooky glam theme incorporating the faux pumpkins from last year's fall dining room table centerpiece with some black, white, and metallic accents. Once I did a little recon I realized I could get a LOT for just a little cashola. Of all these decorations, the letterboard was the most expensive at $20. Everything else was $8 or less!

I put these adhesive bat decals on first so I could eye the pattern. I thought it would be too much to have them "flying" out both sides of the fireplace so I went for a swooped pattern that would look more balanced. I stuck a couple to the branches of the glittery trees on each side.

From there I arranged the decorations on each side of the TV, aiming for an odd number of individual items per side. An interior decorator once told me that odd numbers of knickknacks and decor look more casually put together but please the eye more than even numbers. I got nothing on the science behind that but it stuck with me.

Lastly I just played with the pumpkins until they looked good. I *may* sub out the pale green pumpkins for orange or white Cinderella pumpkins moving forward to make the color palette a little tighter. At least they're balanced with each color represented on each side of the fireplace. As long as you've got a color repeated at least twice in your design you should be good to go. (Look at me talking like I know what I'm doing LOL!)

How cool is that spiderweb pillar candle?? As you can see, I like putting something other than a candle on one of the holders to mix up the design. I've got a large spiked pumpkin on the right side and no room to put the smaller one on the mantle. So, in order for the spiked pumpkins not to look so symmetrical on each side, I put one on top of the holder to stagger their heights.

Here's a rundown of every decoration I used on our Halloween fireplace and mantel this year! I also included details on some of my permanent decor like the pillar candle holders and the wire basket.

WALL // Bats

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