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Snakeskin Boots (For $32) Review


Breaking news: snakeskin is trending for fall. Oh wait, you already knew that. Because it's EVERYWHERE! And, unlike leopard print, it's not always a slam dunk style wise. Snakeskin is a little more aggressive, a little more 'hard core' haute couture if you catch my drift. With that in mind, you have to pick your snakeskin pieces more carefully. Which color/tone print would you wear more -- gray/white, or brown/black? Do you want to wade into the trend slowly with a pair of chic flat mules, or are you going for the triple-flip-twist off the high dive with knee-high stiletto booties?

I first tried the snakeskin fall trend with these $40 flat mules I actually wear on the weekly. But, with the weather cooling off (sort of) I decided to add a snakeskin ankle bootie to my shoe collection for warmer tootsies these next few months. First, I established a set of criteria to guide my shoe shopping journey (because it doesn't take much to get the starry eyed and burn a hole in my debit card!)

How to style brown snakeskin print ankle booties for fall, women's plaid blazer, casual outfit idea, fashion blog, fall fashion trends

My criteria for shopping snakeskin boots include:

  • Must be affordable since I won't be wearing these as much as other boots in my closet.

  • Must go with 75% of my casual AND dressy casual wardrobes (think jeans, wide leg cropped pants, semi-casual dresses, skirts...)

  • Must feel comfortable for walking moderate distances. If these are going to be date night/event/GNO shoes they better not cause me to face plant on a downtown sidewalk.

Going down the rabbit holes of Google and the LikeToKnow.It app (which truly is a search engine for fashion suggestions) I found this brown pair for only $32! I was skeptical, believe me. But I ran them through all my mental stylist checks and criteria and they came out winners.

How to style brown snakeskin print ankle booties for fall, women's plaid blazer, casual outfit idea, fashion blog, fall fashion trends

Here's a breakdown of why I chose these Boohoo snakeskin booties:

  • Price: Only $32

  • Style: Pointed toe (more modern) with a chunky heel (easy for walking)

  • Color: Tan with black, meaning they can be worn with both brown and black-based outfits.

  • Height: The taller shaft makes them more compatible with midi skirts and dresses, which is my preferred length and what I like to wear in the fall/winter.

  • Comfort: I only knew this once I got them, but WOW they are remarkable comfortable. They're very cushiony under the ball of your foot.

  • Material: Synthetic so no animals were harmed in the making of these shoes.

  • Fit: True to size, and equally well fitted with or without socks.

  • Return Policy: Despite the cheap price, they could be returned for a fall refund within 28 days of delivery had I changed my mind.

Anything else you want to know about these boots? What criteria do you use to evaluate a good purchase?


I scouted out some more brown snakeskin print ankle booties that pass muster with moi. They start at just $32 (my boots) and go up to the $200 threshold for a pair of Marc Fishers just to show what is available via different designers and price points.


Boohoo brown snakeskin pointed ankle booties

Belk Kaari Blue Eloise brown snakeskin print ankle booties

Urban Outfitters, $59 (on sale)

UO Alana brown snakeskin print ankle booties

Mid range

Steve madden Jillian brown snakeskin print ankle booties

Dolce Vita Bel snakeskin print ankle booties



Marc Fisher brown snakeskin ankle bootie


Thanks so much for coming to the blog today! Be back Thursday with six outfit ideas for what to wear with your snakeskin ankle booties!


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