Daydream Believer | Family Photo Shoot with Valerie Eidson Photography

It's a difficult thing, to be rendered speechless by a photograph yet need to talk about it in a blog post. That's where I find myself as I look through this photo gallery of our Daydream photo session with Valerie Eidson: without words. Or rather, without words big enough to describe all the emotions they've stirred up in my heart and soul.

So let's start with the facts and go from there. Valerie is a local Asheville family and kids photographer whose work immediately jumps off the page. Her romantic, ethereal (my words, not hers) aesthetic is like something out of a dream! Just look at her Instagram feed to see what I mean. It's as if the pure magic of our most cherished moments -- that sixth sense tingle we feel when we're living in the best possible version of a moment in time -- becomes something we can see. And then? Then Valerie puts her own magic touch on the photo and it's just...

Beyond description.

So of course I wanted that for Harlow and our family. Harlow is, without a doubt, a PRINCESS. She wears ball gowns like play clothes and creates her own Wonderland full of adventure and enchantment. I want her to stay in this bubble of pixie dust for as long as she can, chasing dreams and castles as far as her tiny bare feet can carry her! But sooner than I'll ever be ready for, it'll vanish into something more mature and grounded. And before that happens, I want her magical spirit captured in all its sparkly wonder.

With Valerie's help, we brought all of Harlow's spirit and dreams to life with a Daydream photo session at Biltmore Estate. Valerie did a phenomenal job getting to know Harlow beforehand and honing in on what would make for the best photos, including wardrobe, location, and time of day. Which is important to know: the Daydream experience isn't about princesses per se; it's about channeling your child's inner spirit, whether that be adventurer, dare devil, swashbuckler, etc. For us, it's 1000% princess, so I found a Rapunzel-inspired gown, put some flowers in Harlow's hair, then let her and Valerie do their thing.

Harlow instantly bonded with Valerie (who's a mother of three with the patience of Job), and Valerie let Harlow play out her fairy tale fantasy with a few gentle suggestions. Parents, if you've ever had trouble getting your kids to cooperate for family photos let me tell you: they'll be on their best game for this Daydream experience because it's all about letting them do what makes them shine and feel like their best selves! You think we had to ask Harlow twice to run through the grass "towards her castle" or swing her basket of roses while walking under the magical canopy of trees? Absolutely not!

We managed to sneak in a few full family photos towards the end which came out AMAZING!!! We will always be in awe of these photos and the entire experience. It was a true gift, seeing our daughter so happy and so in her element. Which is really the greatest gift a parent can give their children IMO: a happy childhood in which they feel loved, seen, and believed in.

Be that daydream believer, baby girl, and don't ever stop.


Rapunzel dress | Blue floral maxi dress | Gold headband | White eyelet dress



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