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The Power of Pink

There's really no way I can honestly tell anybody that they need a hot pink suit. Like, not in even in the way a six-year-old really needs Lucky Charms or an ice cream cone. It's not a wardrobe staple, even for those with high powered careers. Hell, I'd be willing to bet offices with a suit-only dress code would list "fuchsia pant suit" in the fine print of exceptions to the rule.

Want is an entirely different issue.

I bought this suit from Zara over three years ago. Why? Well. What's cooler than a hot pink suit with cropped trousers and slightly poufy shoulders? Before you answer that, consider Solange and Beyonce made an appearance in an identical, if not the exact same, suit. If it's good enough for the Queen B, I mean....

Still not swayed? Okay cool. That's fine, I get it. When I decided to go for it, I was up in Boston for my brother's law school graduation, a newly wed and a freshly minted stylist. In the moment, something felt right. I envisioned all the client meetings and fashion events I'd wear it to.

I just cut the tags off the pants.

In my defense, I've worn the blazer several times. And, if I'm being honest with you and myself, I bought these pants when I was still hovering around my bridal weight. Contrary to my best intentions, I did not continue my self-imposed bridal bootcamp all that long after I said "I do." The weight came back, and the pants kept hanging in the closet.

Now, to my great delight, pink suits are trendy and my pink pants fit again. Motherhood is stressful beyond belief and wears me out, but apparently doing the Harlow hustle every day, all day is a calorie burner. I'd prefer to slim down via regular yoga classes and booty bootcamp for the mental and emotional benefits if nothing else, but hey, I'm not complaining. You know what else I'm not complaining about -- my decision to buy this suit back in Boston many fashion moons ago.

How cool does the graphic black and white blouse look with it? I had a hard time choosing between this blouse and a robin's egg blue button-up, inspired by my favorite J. Crew catalog cover in years. What I'm implying is, you may not believe it but there are lots of fun ways to wear a hot pink suit. The only requirement is to have fun with it.

A pink suit is already a party in and of itself, but sometimes you have to turn the volume up just a hair more when your favorite song starts playing. I loved adding pops of shine with this vintage brooch and metallic mules. Crystal brooches are getting a lot more play these days, especially now that it's fall and it's jacket weather. I'll link to a few online faves for the purposes of this post, but really the best place to scoop up a great brooch is at a vintage boutique, flea market, or antiques shop. You know there's already some history attached to pieces of old jewelry; I like to think that I'm writing another chapter in its book when I decide to give it a new home.

Stories and memories. A trip into your closet can inspire a trip down memory lane. I had so much fun reminiscing about where I was in life when I purchased this pink suit. Now, I get to continue the story as a mom, back in her home town, enjoying the daily adventures and sharing them here on this blog. How wonderfully fun. Kinda like a hot pink pant suit.

Blazer, Pants (left) | Jacket, Pants (right)

Blouse | Brooches 1, 2 and 3 | Mules


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