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Weekend Things | Self-Care, Self-Trust, and This Is Us

Hallelujah it's Friday! Even though it was a short week it didn't feel like it for some reason. Probably because my new bedtime is midnight so the sleeping hours are short while the waking hours are loooong. And yet somehow I still can't find a way to get it all done...

You know what I really want to do, more than anything? Finish the first episode of the new Masterpiece feature Victoria. Oooohhheeee I am a nut for British period pieces! Clearly I was massively into Downton Abbey (long live the Dowager Countess!) but I also really liked The Paradise and Selfridges. I thought Jeremy Piven was a little stiff in Selfridges but maybe that was due in part to his role as the out-of-the-box philandering American in a sea of turn-of-the-century prim Brits. Another topic, another time.

I haven't started The Crown yet but I really, really want to. My relationship with TV these days harkens back to my single digit years: only an hour after you finish your chores, homework, and get dressed for bed. And let's be honest: if I can watch anything, it's going to be This Is Us.

That. Show. Is. Amazing. I cry every single episode. How did they not win any Golden Globes?!?! (Right? I don't remember a win for them.) They could all make a case for a nomination at least but Sterling K. Brown as Randall and Milo Ventimiglia as Jack are killing me. Their love for their family brings me to my knees it's so beautiful.

What is so striking about the show is how everyone I know sees themselves in the characters. Or you see somebody you'd like to be. (Jack. Everybody either wants to be Jack or be married to Jack.) I really appreciate how Mandy Moore is playing her role as a mother. Her speech in this week's episode about being scared that she's going to mess up and prevent her perfect, innocent babies from realizing the perfect lives they're meant to live? Hit me square in the heart.

I was also moved by their portrayal of how many lives are touched by a single moment. Or how you really never know what someone has going on in their personal lives. Such a good reminder to act with love and kindness because you never know: you could be a player in God's answer to somebody's prayers.

With that, I'll leave you with this week's round-up of links that are worth a look-see:



  • Bright pink and pleated for me this Valentine's Day! This shirtdress and this skirt.

  • A Color Story is one of my favorite photo editing apps and the new Glitter Guide filters are delightful! Very So-Cal dreamy. Loving the Lola, Evelyn, and Valerie filters.



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