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Decor Under $100

Moving is such a process, isn't it? We're finally not living out of boxes (for the most part) and the big pieces are in...all except for our living room rug which disappeared into the ether amidst the holiday chaos. I will say Joss & Main/Wayfair was so apologetic about it and sent us a replacement for free. I'm happy to know I'm doing business with companies that still believe in quality customer service. (Update: our rug just showed up and it is a-MA-zing!)

So now comes the hard part part II: decorating. I have loads of decorative knick knacks from our Charleston house but they just don't fit the vibe of our new home. I'm going for a midcentury modern/glam vibe -- think retro furniture mixed in with luxe fabrics and bold accents. I love what's happening so far...but's a process.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was a house decorated in one. I'm doing a little bit here and there as my budget allows which is why my new obsession is hunting down decor that costs less than a hundy. There's LOADS of options out there! You can definitely get the look you want for a price you can afford with the plethora of affordable home decor retailers both big and small. I've found gorgeous things everywhere from Etsy to Target. (Seriously, Target's Threshold line is doing some amazing things on a dime!)

I wanted to share this round-up of current contenders to decorate my home with. You can find these items and more interior design inspiration on my Pinterest page -- check out the "Decor" and "Things We Should Buy" boards!

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