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Weekend Things | Pop-Up Shops and Such

Mom and daughter stand in front of blue front door styled in layers of wintry pinks.

Morning! Good golly Miss Molly, am I glad to see you, Friday! This week felt looong and I know exactly why -- the Super Bowl. Y'all. Mike's team was in it and you just never know when your team will make it again. So we went big.

I might need until Super Bowl LII kicks off to recover. I am sooooo in my mid-thirties. I am so a parent in my mid-thirties who ain't got time, freedom, or stamina to treat hangovers like I used to. All-day couch surfing, hair of the dog brunches. Uh uh. Baby girl don't play like that. I haven't let loose like that since before I got pregnant with Harlow. We're talking like two years ago and a different zip code. So this is my first real foray into 'feels like dog poop and has to parent.' It's pretty much the worst.

No, the NRG Dome is the worst. It played house to the Falcons and the Tar Heels loss in their respective championship games this year. You're done, Houston. I can't even with you....

Anyhoo, despite my post-Super Bowl sluggishness this week brought about some pretty awesome things! For one, if you missed my JORD watch giveaway you need to go back one post and enter to win $100 towards a wood watch of your own. It's really an awesome piece, and I'm not kidding when I say that Mike wants one now, too. Every entrant gets at least $25 to put towards a watch for themselves or for their boo, so it's definitely worth the time to check it out.

Girl reclines in a blue velvet chair holding a bunch of pink and gold balloons to promote the Engaged Asheville Valentines Pop Up Boutique.

Two, this weekend I'm hanging out at the Valentine's Pop-Up Shop taking place at Engaged this Saturday and Sunday from 10A-8P! It's curated by the amazing Amber Hatchett Designs and Sarah Hooker Photography and I cannot tell you how BA their line-up of participating vendors is! Even if you aren't shopping for a Valentine's gift, you should just come check out the variety of home decor, paper goods, vintage clothing, jewelry, art, and other indulgences that will all be there. The vendors are all local, many of whom I personally discovered via the Pop-Up Shop.

I'll be at the shop on Saturday from 4-8P if you wanna say hello or would like my input on snagging your sweetheart something for V-Day! Or G-Day! Or Me Day (self-care can sometimes mean treating yourself to a little sumthin sumthin, nah mean?)

You might also see me on WLOS on Sunday morning talking about the Pop-Up Shop.

*sits down, drags on an inhaler, calms nerves, says prayer*

On to the cool clicks!

| SHOP |

> Inherited Vintage will be at the Pop-Up Shop and holy smokes am I obsessed with this floral tiered dress from the '70s! See also: this wooden bead necklace and this jeweled gown. I want to play dress up in her shop (and then take everything home with me.)

> You Are A Unicorn -- and don't you forget it!

> Macrame wall hangings are dope. This one is super duper dope.

> A floral shoulder strap for your bag because A) cool idea for spring, B) it's $17, and C) it's identical to the $1100 Fendi version.

> Pom pom accessories are baaaaack! These hot pink ear bobs are pretty stinkin' cute.

| READ |

> Validation mommy nation: science says pregnancy brain and mom brain are real. Ya dang right!

> I needed this one this week: an essay on the gifts of feelings. What they tell us, how they heal us.

> Technically more of a watch, but I'm now intrigued by this Warren Buffett documentary after hearing how he believes that a parent's unlimited confidence in their children translates to their development and success later in life. He ought to know.


> Coconut chicken curry in a hurry. I'm listening...

> Shape Magazine says these are five low-carb recipes Chrissy Teigen follows when prepping for a big shoot and they actually sound really good and filling.

> Cauliflower continues to transform comfort food, this time taking on nachos.

> Crab Cakes Benedict for under 250 calories. By my math that leaves extra room for a mimosa or two.

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