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Skirt Set + New Label I Love

You know that feeling you get when you feel inspired to shop and you actually have money, but then you can't find anything you love? It's the worst! Sometimes when shopping for myself or even for clients I feel like I need a breath of fresh air to break up the monotony of the same old-same old. So when it actually happens and I discover a new label that's super cute and affordable to boot, I have to share it...right after I do a happy dance and spend a few minutes agonizing over which pieces to buy...maybe one day I'll be able to make it rain and buy whatever I want whenever I want it....

Anyways, when I found the Moon River label I immediately fell in love! Their pieces are so feminine and sweet but here and there they mix in a few sexy details that keep things interesting. What I love most is that they're trend-focused and current but they're all very wearable. You could step out in just about any of these pieces with flat sandals or sneakers and do your daytime thing, or wear them with wedges or slides to dress them up a little for drinks or date night.

OH! And this line is affordable, too. Just about everything is $100 or less. (Okay, like $110 or less if we're dotting i's and crossing t's.)

I know that every now and then we drop some dough on a special occasion piece, like a dress to wear to a wedding or the jeans that make our rear ends look like J Lo's. But most of the time it's best to spend money on items that are versatile. Things you can dress up or dress down. Pieces that go from your desk to drinks. Or co-ord sets you can wear together or apart, like the one I'm wearing! I love it when worn as a matching set, but I've also enjoyed wearing the top with denim shorts or flare jeans, and the skirt with a simple tee.

The skirt I got sold out with a quickness and I think Shopbop just got a few back in so hurry hurry if you like it, too! :D Otherwise here are some other faves I pulled for you. Every time I look at dress #10 the word 'darling' comes to mind, and that lemon print dress is begging to be worn on some fabulous summer vacay! Dress #6 would be a great two-fer to put in your suitcase since it can double as a cover-up and dress!

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