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Classic Style: The White Tee

Nothing rings truer to American style than a good ol' white t-shirt and blue jeans! Sometimes I think a white tee is so simple and obvious that people can either overthink it or skip it altogether! So Sophie of A Hopeful Sunflower and I decided to team up for a second look in our 'How She Wears It' collab to show how we like to style our plain white tees. (See look one on white sneakers here!)

That's just it -- a white tee can seem plain -- but it can be so much more complicated, you know? More on that in just a sec....

Shop My Look: White Tee // Blue Skirt (just $35) // Hat // Bag (similar) // Ballet Flats (mine are Chanel but I linked to similar Tory Burch's on sale!)

Trying to find the Goldilocks of white tee shirts -- the one that's juuuust right -- can be annoyingly complicated. Necklines, fit (too tight, too loose), sleeves, it too see-through or too thick? Since when did the one thing in our wardrobes that's supposed to be "easy peasy" become so convoluted? Because we're women and we want options!

I'll say this: if we're talking classic, solid tee in the simplest of terms, I find my favorites come from Banana Republic, like this one I'm wearing. The fit is always spot-on, the jersey is soft and doesn't show my bra. I've tried tees from all the big brands and labels and Banana's basic, solid tees are my go-to's.

(If we're talking graphic tees, or dolman tees, or vintage tees, that's another conversation entirely!)

I'm actually mildly obsessed with French culture and obviously French fashion, and this outfit had me feeling very summer in Provence LOL! I love this darling soft blue button-front midi skirt, and the straw hat and bag accessories add a summery touch. Have you noticed how big straw bags are right now?! I found this one at Goodwill for $1!

Sophie and I got a big kick out of us both picking hats to wear with this look. A hat is a great option for the "third piece," the extra component of an outfit that elevates it or sets it apart. Kinda like how a lipstick or hairstyle can finish a look, a third piece of clothing or accessories can pull everything together in a way that looks thoughtful and intentional....and usually says "hey, I've got style!"

(Was that last line lame? Yeah it was...)

Be sure to check out Sophie's blog for her take on how she likes to wear her classic white tee!

Oh! And if you haven't noticed, I am trying to establish a pattern that OOTD/What I'm Wearing posts will come out on Wednesdays. It's my own way of celebrating the fact that we're halfway through the week and starting to feel them weekend vibes woo hoo!

Hope you're having a fab day! Talk soon! 💜 Brooke


Shop My Look: White Tee // Blue Skirt (just $35) // Hat // Bag (similar) // Ballet Flats (mine are Chanel but I linked to similar Tory Burch's on sale!)

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