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Life Lately: Memorial Day Weekend

Hi! :) I canNOT believe we're already in the summer of 2017! The year is almost halfway over and that's just crazy talk.

We spent the Memorial Day holiday weekend at The Reserve at Lake Keowee with our friends the McKinneys. Their house was like a chateau and even though it had a guest house and TVs magically appearing out of the furniture, the best part was the beach they built by the lake shore. The kids could run around and wade around in the water on sand instead of in the icky lake mud.

Harlow was such a water bug! She went from timidly sticking her feet in the surf to boldly running around on a floating foam palette. We just left her in her life jacket in case she jumped in...which she did. Handled it like a champ, too!

I took her out for a kayak cruise and she just laid back like the Queen of Sheba, loving every minute. I loved the water growing up (still do) and it makes me happy that she does, too.

Apparently she also takes after her fearless daddy and went for her first jet ski ride! Well, more like a slow cruise. I am definitely the mom who sits there wringing her hands the entire time and then feels really proud after my baby gets back safe and sound haha!

(This was an Insta-story I posted and saved -- apparently I can't upload the actual video unless it's on a YouTube or Vimeo site. Booooo.)

Debuted my new summer 'protect my face from the sun' ball cap and it's the AVL Aviate Brand hat I've been dyyyying to get for so long! You can find them at Nest Boutique and DIY Studio opening in Biltmore Village in June. Even though they aren't officially open yet, you can message them via Instagram and get a hat now! Which is what I did because I was so excited about it :D

PS: I also got a lot of Insta comments on my swimsuit -- it's a Target find from last year.

PPS: Even though I look like Sebastian the crab in this pic, I'm not burnt I swear! Just shadows.

Nest Boutique is also going to carry Mommy and Me coordinating tops and tees from Chaser! Harlow and I went matchy matchy with our pink flamingos and I have to admit I was soooo into twinning with LoLo. I seriously cannot WAIT for Nest to open! Their stuff is going to be so killer, bringing some awesome style and brands to Asheville -- we need it!

This was one of the few outfits I wore the entire weekend because we basically lived in our bathing suits. Don't you love those types of vacays?!

Felt a bit like Lisa Frank in my pink sunnies and parrot swimsuit and I was totally okay with that! And did y'all know my sunglasses were only like $13?! Mine are the Gold/Rose combo.

Finally broke out my other Sugar Coast swim purchase! For some reason I didn't think the low cut back and side cut outs were appropriate for 9AM baby swim class LOL! But it's totally great for beach bummin' (hahaha yeah right...moms of 17-month-olds don't beach bum...they get their 10,000 steps in by like 11 AM.)

Oh! And I found my cover-up for the year -- it's my Turkish towel! You really can use them so many ways. I wore this as a wrap skirt, then used it to wipe Harlow off after she took a tumble in the sand...then used it to shade her on the boat ride. It's SUCH a great option for moms! I can't tell you how much I value it's versatility (and let's be honest, the color is super fun, too!)

Okay I did get dressed like one other time, mostly because I was determined to wear this palm print fit 'n' flare dress I scored for $30! Once again, apologize for the grainy photo :(

On a weekend full of fun (and funny) moments, this one was my very favorite. Harlow fell asleep on me during our boat cruise and I was in heaven! She so rarely sleeps on me anymore so I soaked up every precious second. I was trying to admire the beautiful scenery but I just kept looking down at that angelic face -- I mean those cheeks and those lips!!

We headed home on Monday after spending the morning by the lake and it was so incredibly hard to leave! Once we got home, Harlow curled up in her Anywhere Chair to catch up on some Elmo while we unpacked.

I always love a long weekend but I swear it's almost harder to get back to "real life" after an extended break. I've been nursing pulled back muscles since Friday and after the adrenaline of the weekend wore off I was in some pain yesterday and couldn't get anything done, which only made my holiday weekend hangover worse! (I'm speaking figuratively, ps.) Back to it today!

Hope you all had a beautiful Memorial Day and long weekend! Be back soon with some fun new posts on outfits and artwork! 💜 Brooke

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