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#AVL: Denim Embroidery Workshop @ Nest Boutique

Hiiii! I hope everyone is having a great week after the long weekend! Thank goodness for a short week after long weekends because as restful as they should be...they're not LOL! Especially if you travel or really try and pack in the last little bit of summer. We had a great time keeping it low key around Asheville and doing glamorous things like clean out our garage and buy a Pooper Scooper haha! :D I got a bit in my head about Harlow starting school on top of my usual Sunday scaries BUT she did so great and now I'm more intent on soaking up this new phase of her life.

I got my holiday weekend started even earlier than usual at Nest's 828 Is Great event last Monday. Usually I take Mondays off to detox and get some quiet "me" time buuuut after I solo parented the weekend before I was feeling ready to get out and be social! But in a relaxing a little shopping, some champagne, chit chat with some girls...still easy but fun at the same time. I love zoning out while I browse and doing so with a glass of bubbly makes it even better haha!

Isn't Nest Boutique just the cutest?! Susan and Millie have such great taste and since their shop is basically brand new I was eagerly awaiting their first fall collection. Of course I loved everything!!! I agonized over what to get because I could've dropped several hundy and THAT was not an option. I ended up purchasing this suede tee in a large (for a baggier fit and to cover my booty when I wear leggings), a Chaser sweatshirt, and a Little Words Project bracelet that says 'Family.'

After I did a little pre-shopping I headed to their studio in the back of the store to take part in their denim embroidery workshop. Not sure if y'all know or not but Nest hosts all types of workshops featuring local/regional artists. You can learn everything from calligraphy to jewelry-making to designing your own terrarium.

We had Cheyenne Dancy of MammaCheyHandmade teaching the embroidery class and she was soooo sweet and patient because we were all SUCH a mess even trying to thread our needles! But she was a great teacher and y'all she is crazy talented. She told us she learned to embroider after she became a mom and was in search of both a hobby and a stress reliever. I totally got what she meant after we were done. I love love love anything that I can do and just zone out and let my mind wander but is actually productive at the same time. I get so worn out with not finishing jobs and tasks every felt nice to learn a new skill and see it come together from start to finish!

I definitely drew blood with my needle three or four times. That's when I took a break and powered up on cheese and champagne from Virgola! (PS -- have y'all had their sparking rosé?? It is my FAVE!)

I had such a great evening learning something new and making new friends. My table mates made me laugh so hard! We were all a big mess and had big ideas for our denim designs and then were like waaaait maybe we were a bit ambitious with these long cursive words and floral details hahaha! Honestly everyone did such a good job -- all thanks to our awesome teacher! Thanks Cheyenne! You guys should definitely check out her beautiful work in her Etsy shop!

XOXOs to the ladies of Nest Boutique for inviting me to take part in the workshop! I had a blast! And I'm still pining over those Spanx leather moto leggings btw ;D

Photos courtesy of J. Elbertson Photography

Wine & Champagne courtesy of Virgola



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