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Fall Basics: Camis + Cardis


Morning y'all! How did everyone fare with Irma?? I've been so worried about everybody from Florida to South Carolina to's crazy how many were affected by that stupid storm >:( We didn't suffer any damage, just some bushes that got blown sideways and some branches in the yard. I got major cabin fever from being stuck inside for two days, and combined with the chill in the air and the damp conditions, I got busy cleaning out my closet and making room for new fall goodies!

WHAT // Lately I've been in the mood to restock my closet with fall basics. Camis and cardigans cardigans cardigans! Slouchy ones, some that have pockets, some that hit at the waist, some that hit at the need options to fit different looks!

WHY // Now that Harlow is in daycare, I'm getting dressed at 7 AM and usually feel like putting on something one step up from pajamas. A cute cami and cardigan are easy to throw on with yoga pants or joggers for early morning school runs, and then you can put on jeans when you've got a little more pep in your step and caffeine in your blood stream hah!

HOW // I love a cute cami-cardigan duo for how easy and comfy they are but also for how pretty they look dressed up with heels and metallic jewelry. I had on this same cami and cardigan pair with blue jeans and sandals to start the day, then switched to white jeans and nude heels with a bracelet stack to get drinks with my hubby. When it cools off I can easily add a scarf. I have to have this kind of versatility in my closet from a convenience standpoint and also from a budget one.

WHERE // Camis and cardigans are also great travel companions for style on-the-go! A comfy knit sweater is like a blanket for cool plane or car rides, and goes with everything from tees and tanks to dresses. You'll wear it while you're traveling so it won't take up precious suitcase space ;D

I love all of these knit cardigans and light camis for easy fall style and layering. As with my Frugal Friday posts, you can click the item itself for more details, or you can use the text links below the images. Which sweaters are your favorites? I already scooped up the hooded rose-colored cardi (#7)!

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