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What Means Most To Me


You know when you see something and immediately connect to it? Like you can't imagine not having it on the spot? That was me when I saw this bracelet at Nest Boutique's 8.28 event last month. I hadn't been in to shop for a hot minute (trying to watch my pennies and that place gets me in trouble...I want everything) and when I saw these I literally gasped out loud and stashed the bracelet behind the cash wrap until after the workshop. I couldn't risk anyone else taking it out from under me...I was that in love.

The brand is called Little Words Project and their mission is to inspire and uplift women through shared acts of kindness. Their bracelets are made out of Swarovski crystals yet it only costs $24. I know some people may still think that's a lot for a bracelet that kinda looks like something a third grader would wear, but to me that's part of the charm. And the mission -- and the message -- is what's so cool. You can get bracelets with different color beads with a word that hugs your heart like 'Family' hugs mine. Some (but not all) of the options I like are:

  • Brave

  • Fearless

  • Sparkle

  • Good Vibes

  • My Person

  • Be Happy

  • Free Spirit

  • Fierce

  • Live

  • Be Kind

  • Let Go

  • Dance

They also make collections specific to brides, sororities, and non-profits/charities. I'm telling, you, this is the new look-good/feel-good collectible to enjoy yourself and to give as gifts to the people you love most. I can think of several people I'd love to give one to with a word that describes who they are to me.

As I already said, you can shop these locally in Asheville at Nest Boutique (#shoplocal) or you can find them online at In case you're wondering, my bracelet is the "Empire" design in the Beaded White collection.

Thanks so much for popping in to see what I'm sharing today! Hope you think these bracelets are as cute and fun as I do! Have a wonderful day!


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