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Frugal Friday: Fall Accessories

Good morning! Do you ever reach Friday and think "we made it!!" as you breathe a sigh of relief?? It's hard to believe this week started with the Irma mess and stress, though I know many are still dealing with the aftermath. After a frantic week in many ways, I'm ready for a weekend of living simply. We're celebrating my grandmother's birthday this weekend with a porch party -- maybe the last of the season! -- and hopefully spending lots of time outdoors.

Seriously loving everything in this week's Frugal Friday round-up! Can you believe those handbags and that cape are under $50?! I tried to pull some pieces that could be worn together to make an outfit. That hat and the cape. The pink earrings and either scarf. The leopard clutch with the black and white earrings. Layering is what makes dressing for fall so fun!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend filled with happiness and sunshine! (Haha that made me think of when Ellie Kemper gets drunk on the airplane in Bridesmaids! One of my favorite movie scenes ever LOL!)


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