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Life Lately: Family Trip to Hilton Head 2017

Happy Monday! It's been over a week since we got back from vacay and I'm still trying to move on. We had SUCH a good time, and Harlow loved it so much I just want to go back to that happy place. It's probably the truest vacation I've had in years, even dating back to before Harlow. Having a kid makes you slow down and do lots of simple beachy things you haven't done in years, like build sandcastles, jump in the waves, and hit up some touristy spots. It did help we went in late September when the crowds were seriously diminished. And the weather was perrrrfect!

Harlow immediately took to the pools and the ocean. On the first day she waded out into the ocean by herself and by the last day she was swimming in the adult pool and trying to float on her back! (With her swimmies on, of course.) She's asked to go back to the "bee" and the "poo" several times since we came home and I wish more than ANYthing I could take her! We're gonna have to go to the beach more than once next year.

Here's some fun snaps from our trip!

Harlow had to bring ALL her babies on the trip and they ALL sat in the car seat with her.

It's about a five hour trip to Hilton Head from Asheville so we downloaded Moana for her to watch towards the end when she inevitably started running out of steam. She's just like me and has to have a blanket when she watches movies so I sat with her and shared my travel wrap with her.

I have to bring a wrap to ride in the car because Mike is a polar bear and likes cold temperatures. I always FREEZE when we go on road trips so I bring a wrap or sweater to bundle up in. I LOVE this wrap because it can be a shawl, wrap, or scarf. And apparently a blanket :D


As soon as we unpacked we suited up and hit the beach! The tidal pools were crazy big and DEEP! One went all the way to my waist!

I started twirling Harlow and she became obsessed! Mike and I had to take turns because I was getting too dizzy. Also I love how retro Harlow's suit is...and that it's reminiscent of one of her faves, Minnie Mouse. Or "Mimmie" as she calls her.

We stayed at the Grande Ocean Marriott where my family's been staying since I was in middle school (I think?). They added these hammocks and I reallllllly wished I could curl up with a book and nap in one. Maybe one day...

My mom bought Harlow beach toys months ago and she finally got to put them to good use! Although her favorite thing was to watch us make a sandcastle and then step on it haha. Oh, and to drink the water out of the bucket. Somehow she didn't think it tasted super gross.

One morning we went on a family bike ride down to Harbour Town and Harlow absolutely loved it! Last year she had to ride in her car seat in one of those covered things you tow behind your bike. This year she was a big girl in her own seat and was all smiles....until she fell asleep!

Those lips and cheeks are the squishy squishiest!

Harbour Town has an awesome playground with great climbing structures and trees and swingsets for kids of all ages. Including grown-up kids like my parents haha!

Almost every evening around happy hour we'd take a glass of wine down to the rivers in the resort and feed the turtles and swing. Harlow has this thing where when she swings she likes to sing songs, so we all had to swing together and sing the ABCs. Especially Dee Dee. Harlow woke up every morning and the first thing out of her mouth was where's Dee Dee? They're very close ❤️

One night during the turtle feeding my sunglasses fell in the water! Thank goodness it wasn't deep, and thank goodness my husband wasn't afraid of getting snapped by a turtle and fished them out for me. Phew!

I loved staying in pjs and being snuggly in this sweater while I drank my coffee in the morning...

...and later in the afternoon I treated myself to a few adult beverages at the pool bar LOL! Whenever I'm at the beach I HAVE to have a piña colada! And a Corona needs no explanation :D

PS -- I lived in this Rachel Weisberg poncho all week. I can't stand to have anything cling to my skin when I'm sweaty or sandy, and this lightweight poncho was perfect.

We tried to pack it in our last day! And it was maybe my favorite day. We got down to the beach early and played in the sand and broke out the unicorn float! When Harlow napped I went back out in the ocean myself and rode the waves and reconnected to my boogie boarding days LOL.

While I drifted around in my unicorn float, Mike rented a paddle board and finally got to paddle around in a glassy ocean like he always wanted to when we lived in Charleston. I tried to chase him down to get a better photo but my feet started burning in the sand so I called it. He's that handsome little blip out in the distance haha!

The resort had this AMAZING baby pool with fountains in it; that's where Harlow got her courage to start swimming and floating on her own! She was even kicking her legs like they taught her in swim class.

We remembered to squeeze in a non-selfie photo on our last day! Feeling proud ;)

Ahhhh these pictures make me want to go back right this minute! The day I drove back into Asheville it felt like true fall so I'm glad I got my beach fix and now I can embrace the beauty of autumn in the mountains!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a great start to your week! We've got a busy one here in the Williams household. Have an awesome day!


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