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Weekend Things: Reads, Recipes + Fashion Finds Under $50

Happy happy Friday!!! Man, on Monday I thought this may be the longest week e-v-e-r. Monday was basically the worst. Yet Friday is here and it feels like this week flew by! Hopefully it did for you, too.

I've got some great reads for you today! Three out of four relate to parenting, and I think the topics they cover are all super helpful and/or interesting. I've also got some reads on style tips and shopping hacks that never hurt to know, especially when saving money is involved, right? Some recipes thrown in there and of course my Frugal Friday Under $50 round-up to cap off the post! Hope you enjoy!


  • Daylight savings time strikes again this weekend! Here's an easy method for adjusting your baby's nighttime routine to account for the time change. (This is from my pediatric sleep coach and it's worked well for us!)

  • As with everything that's easy and awesome, a French hair master is saying dry shampoo is bad for us. What do you think -- would this deter you from using this time-saving product?


Did you know Tuesdays are now dedicated to posting recipes I make here at home? This week's post featured this creamy chicken, cheese, and broccoli casserole that's pretty healthy and ready in under 30 minutes!

You can also find delicious dinner inspiration on my Reci-please board on my Pinterest page! You may also want to check out my dedicated dessert board, Sweet Tooth.

Some recipes I'm dying to try:

  • Cheaters White Wine Coq Au Vin. Classic French fare can take lots of love, time, and patience to cook -- a recipe filled with shortcuts is one I'm ready to try!


  • Anyone else totally addicted to ASOS? Here are five great tips for how to save money shopping one about switching currencies that I find very intriguing!


Ready or not, it's officially holiday season! Maybe you're not ready to turn on the Christmas music quite yet (or maybe you are!), but there are already some beautiful pieces out there that you can pick up to wear throughout the holidays. Starting with what to wear for Thanksgiving to having options for the holiday party circuit, options like a cranberry red top or a plaid scarf feel fun and seasonal! The best part about these options is that they're ALL $50 or less!

As always, you can click on the item in the collage below to get item details, or find the text link below!

Seriously I can't believe those bangles are $16 each! I feel like I have to get a pair of those strappy heels -- they're under $45, that's crazy! These are my two favorite colors but there's a pink pair that's awfully enticing, too. And who wants to wear that plaid cape while visiting Santa's village with the kids? :D

What are your weekend plans? We don't have ANY plans -- woohoooo!!! It's been so busy lately and we're heading into the hectic holiday season, so I'm really excited to not be committed to any plans this weekend. I need the break!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! See you next week! xxBrooke

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