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Gift Ideas 2017 | Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Growing up and still to this day, opening my stocking on Christmas morning is my favorite thing. From little luxuries to everyday items, stocking stuffers are such a fun way to get creative and surprise someone! My mom is always THE best at doing stockings and this list is somewhat inspired by her and the types of things she gives me. A little makeup, a piece of jewelry, some candy...and usually a toothbrush LOL! It's a no-brainer when you've got a dentist in the family.

So today's gift guide is all about ideas for filing your loved one's stockings with little luxe gifts! Two things: one, it IS possible to give someone a designer label without draining your bank account. Two, sometimes the smallest gifts get the biggest smiles and the most use!

1 // Ouai hair products are pricey, so a travel-sized set is a great way to give an assortment of high-end products without shelling out major dough. My favorite hair blogger swears by Ouai.

2 // Because who doesn't love cheese? Or having pretty cheese utensils on hand for entertaining?

3 // Godiva chocolates in a can-you-guess-whats-inside sampler? Yes please!

5 // Beauty products are the perfect size to fit in a stocking, and palettes get you extra points for all their variety (and pretty presentation). This blush palette can be mixed and matched to create day or nighttime looks.

6 // 'Tis the season to drink! A monogrammed wine topper is not only functional, but looks lovely on a bar cart.

7 // Doesn't every glamour girl deserve a glitter flask?

9 // Love 'em or hate 'em, selfies DO look better with the right lighting. For $14, you can really hook a person up with this selfie light ring that attaches to their phone.

10 // A designer perfume is a simple luxury that a women can enjoy for a long time! I love the size of this Tory Burch rollerball perfume.

11 // Eighteen -- 18! -- pairs of earrings in one pack. Moms of small children would really enjoy this one for all the pretty stud earrings that their children can't rip out of their ears, plus extra for date night :D

13 // Everybody hopes to see a li'l sugar in their stocking on Christmas morning. Get the champagne flowing early with these champagne gummy bears!

14 // Take a walk down memory lane with the Magic 8 Ball we all loved playing with as kids! Have fun asking it questions with the whole family.

Hope you all enjoyed this list as much as I had fun making it! I hope I get several of these things in my own stocking :D

Have a wonderful weekend! Welcome, December!


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