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Gift Ideas 2017 | Beauty & Hair

This round-up of beauty product gift ideas is inspired by women who could use a little more time on their hands to feel as beautiful as they deserve. A one-stop eyeshadow palette. A box full of face masks for a relaxing night in a bath with a book. A few products that are always nice to have but can be hard to justify buying for yourself. From stocking stuffers to special treats, there's something in here that EVERY woman would enjoy having to treat herself with!

1 | La Mer Mini Miracles Collection: Now you can try a sampling of this celebrity fave brand without handing over next month's car payment. The velvet bag is a pretty bonus and can be repurposed for traveling with beauty products.

2 | Dior Instant Cleaning Waters: MOMS! You HAVE to get this product! It takes your makeup off, tones your skins, and hydrates it. So basically this is the beauty BFF for anyone who has no time or just needs to collapse into bed at night. One bottles lasts several months, too.

3 | MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush: The brush you NEED in your collection for getting your eye makeup just right. The super soft tapered bristles fit in the smallest creases without irritating your eye, allowing you to blend your eye makeup for a seamless look. I use mine every time I put on makeup.

4 | Facetory Korean Face Mask Subscription: A beauty subscription is actually a gift that keeps on giving. You can choose from different subscription levels/prices and have an assortment of face masks delivered to your loved one every month! Give the gift of pampering...I bet you know someone who could use some!

5 | ALTERNA Caviar Moisture Travel Duo: The first shampoo and conditioner duo I've used in a long time that I felt made a difference in my hair after the first use. My thin hair felt thicker and stronger and SO soft after using this set! A travel set is always a good gift to let somebody try a product without a big commitment on their part (or your wallet's).

6 | Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basis Eye Palette: The Naked eye palettes are my favorite on the market. (Most days I'm either wearing one or three.) One downside about palettes are they usually include a color that's way too far out of your lane to ever use it. This Basics palette skips the cray cray and just has the core shades that we can use on the daily.

7 | MAC Snow Ball Gold False Lashes: A fab stocking stuffer idea! With New Year's Eve coming up, a pair of glam false lashes is such a fun gift idea! This gold pair from MAC is meant for the true standout and is selling out quickly so hurry hurry!

8 | MAC Prep + Prime Fix & Finishing Spray: I learned from a few major beauty bloggers that setting your makeup is a necessary step to help it last longer and to keep your skin moisturized and looking healthy. Another reason I love this gift: it's something we could all use and may not buy for ourselves. Gift-giving gold.

9 | Love OPI XOXO 4 Piece Mini Set: A nail polish set has been a girl's go-to gift idea since we started gifting our besties in middle school. These colors are perfect for the holidays and all the way through Valentines! The darker colors are trendy whereas the metallic and red are classic.

10 | Tom Ford Mini Lipstick: Thank you, makeup person, for figuring out that we need lipsticks sized to fit our small handbags! Or the rare pocket we have that isn't practically plastered to our legs haha! This gift is functional and comes with a high-end designer name for that extra special feeling.

11 | Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand: Did you know that the loose curls/waves you see on your favorite bloggers are usually created by styling wands?? This wand is brilliant because it comes with different sized barrels for you to customize the type of curl/wave you want. There are five heat settings, and a sensor to make sure the temperature stays consistent across the length of the barrel.

12 | MAC Snow Ball Nude Lip Bag: A beautiful gift set of three types of lip color in a pinky nude hue. A liner, lipstick, and gloss all come in this pretty storage tote. Another great stocking stuffer idea! Or for a girl's group gift exchange :D

These next three products are also some of my very favorites because I've seen great results with them.

Long story short, Chanel did a bunch of research on what makes the people who live in the world's Blue Zones so healthy and why they live so long. Then they created a serum full of those ingredients that are chock full of anti-oxidants and it is amaaazing! I noticed a difference within a week of when I started using it.

Who knew that dry brushing your skin was so good for you? It gets rid of dead skin cells, helps prevent ingrown hairs, and promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. AND it's a great extra step to take before you get an airbrush spray tan....which is what I primarily use mine for LOL! It feels kinda rough for the first minute or so and then it starts to feel nice.

This dry shampoo is so good because it cuts out the two things that we complain about the most with dry shampoos: it doesn't give you that white residue in your hair, and it doesn't dry your hair out. Plus it smells really good (I think it's infused with hibiscus or something delicious like that!).

Hope you all had a great weekend and your Monday is being kind to you! I'm eating a late breakfast, drinking coffee, and watching a recorded Hallmark Christmas movie while I blog LOL!

Have a great day! xxBrooke

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