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Frugal Friday: Spring Shoes + Basic Tees Under $50

Good morning! Wow what a crazy week we had weather wise. We've got daffodils, forsythia, and pear tree blossoms everywhere trying to tell us it's spring...and then it snows. I always feel so bad for the cold little flowers! I swear, weather in this little corner of the south is so funny. Up and down, it just can't make up it's mind haha!

Well I've made up MY mind: it's time to start shopping for spring regardless of what crazy shenanigans Mother Nature feels like pulling. In last Friday's Weekend Things post I shared some of the budget-friendly pieces I've been adding to my spring wardrobe rotation. (PS -- this lace bell sleeve top from the post just got marked down from $70 to $41!) Today I want to continue talking spring fashion with a focus on two spring stye essentials: a cute pair of shoes and the perfect basic tee!

If you're new to Frugal Friday here on The Tony Townie, the rules are simple: everything is $50 or less! I believe that chic style doesn't always mean $$$. If you shop the right places and know what to look for, there's something fashionable for even the most frugal of shoppers. And even if you do have a little more fun money in your pocket book, we've got SO many things vying for our dollars and cents that it's just smart shopping to sniff out the good deals where they can be had!



Four spring shoes every woman should own: a chic flat sandal, a heeled sandal, sneakers, and ankle booties. One of those pairs of shoes will go with 99% of your spring outfit rotation. All of them go with flowy spring dresses and denim for starters. And who isn't ready to start wearing dresses on the regular?!

I've included little details so you know what's to love about them (beyond how stinkin' cute they are!). You can click the images or the text links below for shopping deets.


Basic Tees

It's been while since I refreshed my basic tee collection and it's time. What IS it about finding the right t-shirt that can be so challenging?! I mean it's like the most basic clothing item on the planet. But for some reason, it's like finding a diamond in the rough to get one that's the right fit, color, length, and fabric.

WAY WAY back in the day (like 10 years ago), I found my favorite tees of all time from Trouvé, one of the exclusive lines you can find at Nordstrom. I wore the white one all the way out where it was just not possible to wear in public anymore, and I still own this gray dolman tee that was my absolute favorite thing I owned for like a solid year.

After checking out my typical t-shirt go-to's -- Gap, J. Crew, Madewell, Nordstrom -- I found a few tees I think could be real contenders!


Guess what -- Trouvé has done it again! I want a slightly slouchy (slub) tee with a v-neck and this tee matches my criteria the most.

It also comes in the perfect shade of light gray, and black as well. I just don't wear a lot of black tees in the spring/summer though.

I already own one of these tees and you can't beat the softness! It's not quite as slouchy as I envisioned, but it's pretty close!

Okay so this isn't a basic white or gray tee but I just thought it was SO cute! I love the pink and the little rainbow over the heart. Sometimes you just see something you think is darling and it makes you smile :) I ordered this one while Gap's Friends and Family sale is happening -- 40% off plus an extra 10%. They've got the prettiest eyelet pieces this season -- I love this navy eyelet dress and this white eyelet top.


Okay that's a wrap for today! Harlow and I have a full morning of errands prepping for some photos and for the Francis + Benedict event at Nest on Saturday. First I'm getting my spray tan on at Bella Solé, then popping over to Versona to shop for some spring dresses, and then we're meeting my grandmother for lunch as is our Friday tradition.

I really hope y'all can come to the event at Nest Boutique! It's going to be so awesome. F+B are based out of Charleston, and they sell skirts that are made by Togolese artisans in order to provide them with dignified employment and a fair wage to support their families. I'm honored to wear one of these beautiful skirts at the event and to learn more about the story behind this brand that's making a difference in the world.

You can get event details on Nest's Facebook page HERE.

Have a wonderful Friday! Hope to see you at Nest tomorrow!


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