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Weekend Things: Earrings, Eyelet, and Emails

Two words come to mind as I wake up this Friday morning: thank goodness! What a week! Adjusting to the time change, weird random surprise snow storms, preparing for our trip to Charlotte this weekend then having to cancel it at the last minute...I've been all over the place!

I took Harlow to her first movie on Wednesday bc school was cancelled due to that strange snow and I was like 'welp I'm out of crafts and indoor activities after this long, cold-ass winter full of flu. We're going to the dang movies!' She did SO good! We saw Peter Rabbit and we both enjoyed it.

As fun as it was, I'm ready to get outside and enjoy some warm weather and sunshine! Even though March Madness makes me want to keep an eye on the TV; I do love opening weekend of the NCAA tournament! It's just in my blood, a Carolina girl who grew up in ACC country. Suffice it to say it should be a lovely weekend all around!

I'm really excited for this week's edition of Weekend Things especially the pretty eyelet clothes (and shoes) I scouted out. I HAVE to have that pink flutter sleeve dress and those sneakers...and at least one of the tops ;D



Random snow storms be damned, I'm in a spring state of mind and there's nothing this drunk southern weather can do about it! (*shakes fist at the sky*) Right now I'm gravitating towards romantic, feminine pieces in soft fabrics, colorful prints, and easy silhouettes. Translation: give me florals, eyelet, straw bags, and flowy skirts and dresses.

Statement Earrings

If you've ever wanted to wear a dogwood bloom behind your ear, or well, in your ear, this is your year! Oversized floral earrings are a major jewelry trend this spring. I've seen them run anywhere between $500 (seriously) and $30, and these are definitely way down on the affordable end of the spectrum. Personally I'm loving the navy but gold goes with everything...



I'm extra extra into eyelet this year! I think maybe it's because I used to always think of it as a dressier fabric for Easter or church or a bridal shower dress or something, but that's totally changed! I love an eyelet top dressed down with jeans or with overalls (just bought THIS pair of overalls I'm suuuper excited about!), or an eyelet dress with white sneakers.

Love the ruffle on the shoulder and it's currently 40% off!

These flutter sleeves are so dreamy, and I love the vintage pink color.

I like the work-to-weekend versatility of this top almost as much as the $59 price tag!

The midi length of this dress makes wearing it on daytime kid duty very doable. I also love the navy color that makes the eyelet detail pop.

This dress is just downright adorable. You could totally wear it for Easter and dress it down afterwards with sandals or sneakers.

I see this with jean shorts on warm spring Saturdays. The mixed fabrics give it a more casual vibe.

You can just go ahead and put these in my shopping cart. I LOVE these to wear with t-shirt dresses or cropped pants.

What's easier than a blousy button-up to wear with jeans and shorts? this also comes in NAVY and would look cute knotted to the side.

I love a sweet eyelet tank to wear with colorful pants and skirts, and of course with distressed denim.


| Recipes |

  • Shoo law my sweet tooth has been talking lately! Anytime I hear the word "marshmallow" I'm all ears and you KNOW Martha Stewart's recipe for Marshmallow Fudge is gonna be off the hook!


| Reads |

  • I'm already fretting the cell phone battle that is sure to come when Harlow gets older. What is the right age to give your kid a phone? You want them to be safe yet you don't want them sucked into screens and the social media spiral. This Austin-based woman started a pledge called Wait Until 8th to get parents to hold off giving their kids a phone until 8th grade. Her movement is backed by research that I personally find compelling. You can read more about it all HERE.

  • Going to Charleston for Spring Break or summer vacation? Photographer, mama, and all-around cutie Gray Benko shared HER LIST of favorite places to eat, shop, and play with the family in the Holy City. I always love knowing where other mamas recommend taking their kiddos in other cities. I want to do something like this for Asheville!

  • Are you ever confused about which shoes to wear with which dress or skirt? THIS article breaks it down into two simple categories based on where your hemline hits.

  • A clogged inbox is such a pain in the A, yet there are a handful of brands that send emails I really enjoy reading. They always include great information and insight over a variety of topics. Here's what they are and their area of expertise:

  • AVLToday (Asheville-area news and goings-on)

  • Pure Wow (lifestyle, recipes, beauty, fashion, kids)

  • MOTHER (parenting, maternal self-care)

  • The Zoe Report (fashion + style, trends, outfit ideas)

  • Keep (clothes, shoes, and home decor shopping)


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