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Wins + Fails Vol. 2

SHIRT // PANTS // SANDALS // BAG (similar)

Before I launch into the meat of today's post, I feel the need to express my undying love for A) Poppy popcorn, and B) these pants! They're the highest-waisted pants I own but they're so dang flattering and comfortable. I didn't really know if Mike would be into them but without me asking he told me they looked really good! Isn't it the best when your man tells you how good something looks out of the blue? It kinda makes my day :) Definitely falls into the 'win' category of this post haha! Anyway, these pants come in a variety of colors so definitely check them out.

ICYW, I love Poppy's Asheville Mix and Cotton Candy popcorn the most. I've actually never walked by this shop in the Grove Park Inn and not bought some. Also a win.

So....onto more wins and some fails. Lately I've been trying to up my organization and self-care games to avoid feeling overwhelmed. I keep a running to-do list (more on that in a sec), with auxiliary Post-In notes stuck in all sorts of places. I go to bed early and I wake up early...well. Earlier. Early for me. Yet despite it all I think it just comes down to some times you have it and sometimes you don't.

I remember when I worked in the NHL my boss did one of those yearly review things that are always kind of awkward. She said one of my strengths was my attention to detail and thoroughness. I agreed. But, one of my weaknesses was my tendency to get scattered when I had too much on my plate, or tried to multi-task too much. I agreed with that, too.

Those things still ring true today, maybe more than they ever have. I feel stronger in all of my roles -- mom, wife, blogger, etc -- being so detail oriented. I like to make sure everyone and everything is thought of. Sometimes that means I get overly invested or overwhelmed because I'm also a worrier. But I know that my husband relies on me to keep everything we've got going on straight and to keep the house running smoothly (well...smoothish) because those are my strengths. I rely on him to keep me from Jessie Spano-ing about all the things and try to be present in the moment. I've really been working on not projecting my current emotions onto how I think I'll feel at a certain time in the future. For example, I'm tired and stressed now, so I'll be tired and stressed during tomorrow's meeting. It's more of an irrational worry than a reality, which I realize. I'm working on it.

And then there's the multi-tasking thing. Sometimes I'm really good at it! You should see me some mornings flying around the kitchen cooking two breakfasts, feeding the dogs, starting laundry, making coffee, packing bags, all that good stuff.

And then some mornings I realize I put the eggs in the cabinet instead of the measuring cup. True story.

When I'm trying to keep too many things straight for too long it's like I get mental blind spots. I'll have four out of five things with us in the car, but that fifth thing is also really important and it's still on the kitchen counter. Another thing: I'm usually very thoughtful and meticulous with all of my correspondence. But somedays I get frazzled and I'll look back on an email and fret over how harried it sounds. I'll tell myself that done is better than perfect....but then I worry that anything less than perfect will cost me an opportunity or a relationship.

I don't know if you know by now, but I'm a worrier LOL.

Having a sense of humor when the going gets tough is usually the best way to ward off any blues. At least that's what my grandmother taught me. So I'm laughing at myself as I share this list of recent 'wins' and 'fails' with you. Hopefully you can relate and maybe have done some of the same things yourself!

Mom Wins

  • We went to Biltmore Estate on a sunny day to see the flowers and realized when we got there Harlow's skin might burn. Luckily, I found a stash of baby sunscreen I saved just for that sort of occasion, when it was needed but I'd forgotten my big bottle. I mentally fist bumped past Brooke who knew I'd find myself in just that sort of situation.

  • Harlow's manners are getting so good! She says 'please' and 'thank you' all the time. She also said 'bless you' to me after I sneezed. We didn't intentionally teach her that, she just picked it up. Feeling proud of my little girl!

  • I discovered if I sing certain verses from "Wheels on the Bus" that Harlow will happily let me brush her teeth for however long I need. It's become a much easier process for both of us.

  • I finally put away a bunch of Harlow's toys from when she was a baby and an early toddler. Her room and toy box are SO much more manageable and she hasn't missed a single item. Yet.

  • I sang a song from Daniel Tiger (her current favorite show) about trying new foods to get her to eat a spoonful of rice and beans. It worked! That show, based off of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, always teaches a lesson for kids with a catchy little jingle about whatever they're learning that day. It's a great show.

Mom Fails

  • I was pushing Harlow's stroller around and forgot that it had my purse in it, not my child. She was actually playing on the handicap ramp behind me. Yikes!

  • My post-baby bladder continues to humiliate me in public places. I'll spare you the details.

  • The gig is up. Harlow finally knows my "lemon water" is actually called wine.

  • I spend more days than not feeling like I'm failing at everything. Failing at growing my blog, failing at keeping my household running, failing at being a mom. When I have to put Harlow off for a little while to get things done and I don't even accomplish much, I feel like a total dud.

  • I lost track of how long it had been since I'd washed Harlow's crib sheets and finally noticed a bunch of snot stains everywhere. I let my baby sleep in that??!! At least I can report I deep cleaned her room after that and she's currently without a runny nose. Which is a first since like October.

Personal Wins + Fails

  • A couple weeks ago I tried getting up early to work out to my old Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs. They totally transformed my body when I was getting married and turned 30; I've never loved my figure more. Welp. I lasted two days, couldn't walk for three because I was so sore, and scrapped the whole thing. That's some real dedication right there.

  • Workout Take Two: this week I started waking up early to work and then work out after Harlow's at school. I'm using the Nike Training Club app to ease into a workout routine customized to my goals and schedule. I LOVE it!

  • Scout is out! The Scout Guide Asheville came out and it's amaaazing! I'm personally featured in the Ones To Watch spread, plus I styled several women for two different shoots, and modeled as the bride for the AC Hotel's spread. Feeling proud about reaching this point in my relatively new career here in AVL!

  • I've started calling my to-do list "THINGS" because it makes me feel less overwhelmed by everything I see on it. Sometimes when I write the words "to do list" I get anxious before I've even written out all the tasks or started on them. I just know how busy I am and get flustered. Calling it THINGS has eliminated that initial spike of stress.

  • Oh Sheet: I realized that Mike and I had been sleeping on sheets that were completely ripped from one side of the bed to the other down towards the foot of the bed. Apparently I don't change the sheets in this house nearly enough.

  • I want to be a Traders Joes shopper but A) it's far away and B) I don't know that store well enough to know what I should get. I've started keeping a list of yummy items I see other bloggers or friends get there. So far I'm really excited about the frozen foods, cheeses, and pre-prepared foods like the lemon basil pasta and corn quinoa salad. Tell me anything you love to shop for there!

  • I just took my Christmas centerpiece off the dining room table last weekend. I totally blanked on decorating for Easter and that makes me sad because I want to start collecting holiday decor for Harlow to get excited about. Like I couldn't even pick up anything from the front bargain bins at Target??

  • I forgot to book a spray tan with Bella Solé before a recent event so I tried L'Oreal Sublime Bronze and it was a total disaster. My mom helped me apply it to my back (my outfit was backless) and at first it wouldn't rub in and then my skin started rubbing off because she had to work at it for so long. So we had to quickly wash the whole thing off with a washcloth because my hair was already fixed. Such a mess! I don't even know how women successfully use self-tanners.

Okay I think that's enough haha. I'm just sitting here trying to think of more things and this list is more than sufficient. Hope you all have a FAB Friday and I'll be back here on the blog next week!


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