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Day-to-Night Striped Dress

DRESS (Lucca Couture) + DENIM JACKET (Able): Available at Nest Boutique

NECKLACES + BRACELET STACK: Available at Porter and Prince

SNEAKERS: Adidas // SANDALS: Loeffler Randall

I've been fashion obsessed ever since I was a little girl, oohing and aahing over the sequins and shoulder pads of my mom's 80s wardrobe. Playing dress up and creating new outfits for my Barbies were my favorite past times. (I can still remember some of the cool clothes they had!) When I decided to become a stylist, my family and closest friends all said "yep, we saw that coming!"

It's finally now, at 36, that I feel the most confidant in myself and in my clothing choices. I can shop 'til I'm blue in the face -- boy, what I would do with just 10 minutes and carte blanche in Nordstrom! -- but at this point in life it's not about volume in my wardrobe. It's about versatility and wearability. (For more on what I call "mom style" and how to interpret it stylishly, read THIS post.)

Defining Day To Night Style

When I say something can be worn from 'day to night,' it means two things. One, you could literally wear it all day and just change up the styling in the evening. If you're working or traveling, this level of adaptability is invaluable.

The second thing it means is you can wear a piece during the day OR at night. Today, you're running errands, going to the playground, doing all the daily mom stuff. And you want to look cute doing it! So you wear this dress: long enough to hide your bathing suit areas while chasing your kids around, not so low cut to show your dairy queens if you bend over. It looks good with sneakers, sandals, flats, booties....all the shoes you wear to look good on the go!

Or how about tonight? Tonight, you're grabbing drinks with the girls or heading to the movies with your man. You want to wear a dress because A) it's a treat to get out, and B) you feel cute in a dress! But you don't want to look too dressy. You'll do your hair, wear some variety of a heeled shoe, slap on some lipstick, and call it done. This dress looks good because it shows a little shoulder, balances a higher heel, and swings when you walk. Something about a swingy dress makes you feel all giddy inside.


I've whittled down all the fashion trends, clothing choices, and label lust to what I know works for me. Ninety percent of my wardrobe HAS to be pieces I'll want to wear first thing in the morning when all I'm thinking about is coffee and comfort. That's why I focus on details that elevate classic pieces: a fun print, a pretty sleeve, a buttery fabric. And a great pair of shoes never hurt anyone OR a simple outfit!

A little bit more about these specific pieces. A denim jacket is classic and iconic. The distressed details on this one makes it feel a little more "me"; it roughs it up just enough to not feel too plain or preppy. This one is from Nest in Biltmore Villlage. They always stock great denim in all its varieties: jeans, skirts, jackets.

I wear my Twine & Twig pieces ALL the time. In a drawer full of jewelry they're the pieces I reach more over everything else unless I'm getting dressed up. They always add the right amount of texture and color to just about any outfit. They're really fun to wear alone or to layer together, which is why I'm so glad Porter & Prince stocks them. You can pop in their store and mix and match until you find the right combo for you! And while you're there, pick up a cupcake bath bomb, too.


Today I'm honored to have these looks featured in local online publication AVL Today (see it HERE) along with my fave fellow style bloggers here in Asheville! We're sharing what style means to us at this time in our lives; how it reflects our lifestyles, values, and tastes.

While you're there, I recommend signing up for their daily emails if you live in the Asheville area. I always find their topics interesting and their content easily digestible -- not too long and very informative.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! Hope you're having a fabulous day!


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