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Friday Five + Summer Wardrobe Staples Under $50

Wowie wow wow. It's been a week full of Mondays so extra happy the weekend is here! I'm spending it with my girlfriends here in Asheville; we're doing a little staycation downtown so we can enjoy it the way we'd like to without kids or something fixed on our schedules. We have nothing planned, we're just gonna see where the moment takes us! That's my favorite way to vacay.

This Friday I'm doing something new with this 'Friday Five' to share five things that stood out to me this week. I'll include everything from personal thoughts to favorite things, reads, and recipes. So it's kinda like a Weekend Things but different :)

I'm also combining it with a new Frugal Friday shopping round-up of all things awesome-and-under-$50. The theme this week are summer wardrobe staples 'cause summer is a-coming and it's already heating up quick here in Asheville!

Friday Five

1 | Oprah, Dr. Phil, and False Expectations. On Monday I shared four podcasts I'm listening to right now. Oprah's Super Soul Conversations is one and this week she released an episode with Dr. Phil. I've long wondered what Oprah thinks about the direction of Dr. Phil's career -- I mean, am I wrong or is that show a disaster? Sometimes it's hard to believe he got his start as an Oprah guy!

Anyways, despite how much I may dislike his show, he did make an interesting point on the podcast. Dr. Phil said the common thread of all the troubled guests on his show is a false expectation of what life's supposed to be as a result of how it's marketed to us. He used marriage as an example, saying if somebody thinks marriage is dinner on the table every night and answering the door naked with a martini they'll be sorely disappointed. (That made me laugh -- does anyone still believe this shit??)

But I get his point. Thinking marriage is a happily-ever-after fairy tale with no bumps along the way is just setting yourself up for disappointment. However, if you go into it knowing marriage takes work, communication, compromise, and forgiveness, then you've got a fighting chance.

Besides marriage, his thought about how "life" is marketed to us really struck me in how we measure ourselves as successful. It's the comparison trap, the "if I only had this I'd be happy" golden standard that's always out of reach. The notion that women/moms are supposed to do it all AND look good while doing it. Hey, this (*points to self*) doesn't just happen fellas. It takes a lot of work to look mediocre. (Shoutout to Young Adulting Podcast for that hilarious but true quote.)

Have you ever fixated on an idea or an object and told yourself that if only you had it you'd be set? I do that a lot with home decor and entertaining. I see so many bloggers and influencers with these perfectly decorated homes that I cannot imagine how much it all cost. Like I struggle to decorate one corner of my house, much less the whole thing like a spread in Real Simple magazine. And when I see all these women who have the perfect homes, a killer wardrobe, made-from-scratch meals on the table every night it makes me feel like I'm doing it wrong. Which is part of that whole comparison game. Listening to Dr. Phil talk about it helped me see it for what it really is a little more clearly.

2 | The Book I Can't Put Down. I started reading Southern Solstice recently and I'm totally hooked! It takes place in Charleston and tells the story of a fictional, old-money family who lives on the Battery and the daughter who wants to do things differently. The author describes Charleston so well -- you can practically smell the pluff mud! -- and I love when she mentions some of the places I used to know and love.

3 | Drinking the Trader Joe's kool-aid. Okay, I'm a believer. It still takes some serious ohm shanti shantis to make it through the whole experience without blowing your lid. But it's been a game-changer in filling my fridge and freezer with quick meal options.

These have been some of my favorite foods and meals I've picked up at TJ's.

4 | Where has a purse organizer been all my life?? For my birthday I got this pink tote bag I've been crushing on forever. (Thanks boo!) I used to just throw all my stuff in my bag and dig through it as needed. Pretty standard. My MIL visited and showed me the purse organizer she got for her new tote and I was like I NEED THAT! Coming off of carrying a diaper bag for so long, I crave an organized purse like never before.

Comes in 6 colors

I initially got the medium but it was too small for my bag so I exchanged for a large.

5 | Apple Watch Activity Tracker. To my great delight and to Mike's great chagrin, my birthday and Mother's Day always fall really close to one another. I got my new tote bag (above) as well as an Apple Watch and I LOVE it! I've become obsessed with the Activity Tracker that tracks how much you stand, move, and exercise each day. I even worked standing up at my desk yesterday which was great for my goals and really not great for my wrist or forearm tendon. But we'll see, I remain determined!


I went a little crazy today pulling pieces for this post -- I found so many I loved!

This scalloped tank is the perfect piece to dress up denim or balance out a bold skirt or pair of pants. It also comes in white.

Such pretty colors in this floral cami. Wear it to the office or on the weekends. Use it to add color to summery neutrals like navy, white, and denim.

I love the flounce of this tiered tank. It looks so good tucked into higher waisted denim. It also comes in black and yellow.

Y'all. A tied-knot tank is so good. It does wonders for defining the waist and preventing any frumpiness from happening. This one comes in three colors and can be worn with everything from dressy shorts to yoga pants.

This tied-knot tee ties in the front and takes the guesswork out of trying to do it yourself. It's a great alternative to tucking in a tee and looks great with medium to high-waisted bottoms.

How cute is the lace on this cap sleeve tee? The perfect way to dress up some jeans and a pony tail. Also comes in navy.

Sleeveless sweater tops are trending this season. Don't worry: the looser knit and the lack of sleeves (obvi) will keep you from overheating. A white sweater and jeans is a classic combination.

The t-shirt maxi dress you'll live in this summer. Dress it up with wedges or play it down with a ball cap and sneakers. You can make it anything you want! The slit makes for easier walking.

Your throw-on-and-go dress. A smock dress is so cute and SO comfortable. Wear it as a cover-up, too.

Fruity prints are big this summer. How darling is the strawberry print dress? I'd wear it with neutral flat sandals and a straw bag (which you can also find below!).

Lemons are also a popular fruit print this season. The combinations of lemons and polka dots on this darling strapless dress make me think of vacationing on the Mediterranean.

If you love denim shorts for the summer you NEED a pair of pull-on chambray shorts. They give you a similar effect and a much comfier wear. Wear a knotted shirt or tee with them to define the higher waist.

Another comfy pair of pull-on shorts, this time in a darling daisy print. The breezy fit is both comfortable and flattering.

This hat is designed to be packable! I repeat, you can pack this wide-brim straw hat in your suitcase and it won't get bent out of shape. So brilliant. Also comes in a standard straw color.

The 'it' bag of the summer is round and made of straw. This round straw bag option is both on-trend and much more affordable than many duplicates on the market.

Summer is the season of strappy tanks and uncomfortable sticky, strapless bras. A colorful lacy bralette is the best option to maintain coverage while letting your straps show in a pretty way. This one comes in 16 colors!

This beach throw can be used as a blanket or a sarong. As someone who's tied scarves into sarongs for her cover-ups for several years, I love this one! You can tie it two ways.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Tony Townie today! Hope you all have a good weekend! Fingers crossed it stays dry(ish).


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