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How To Layer Winter Neutrals

It's cold, it's gonna stay cold, and I'm tired of the cold. Tired of pulling out the same sweaters and coats to stay warm and cozy. Cold days can take the fun right out of getting dressed ya know? That's why I thought I'd share this outfit idea on how to layer classic winter pieces for a chic look on a chilly day.

First, let's talk about the pieces I used to create this outfit. As I mentioned, they're all solid, neutral pieces in classic silhouettes. The kind of pieces that never go out of style and look good on almost every style and body type with a few modifications here and there to make it more YOU.

For this look, you'll need: a solid button-down blouse; medium wash blue jeans; a beige or gray cardigan; a black blazer; a neutral scarf; and, flats. Note: I've included shopping details at the end of the post. Remember I'm on a no-buy so these pieces aren't brand new; where I can I've included the exact items, otherwise they're very similar!


1 | Start with your base layers of the blouse and blue jeans. I like to define my waist and body proportions by tucking the blouse into the jeans.

Light blue Equipment silk blouse with button-front jeans.

If you choose a blue blouse like I did, make sure it's different enough in tone from your jeans so that both pieces stand out from one another.

Side view of silk blouse and blue jeans.

If you want to wear jewelry, a few delicate layering necklaces look nice with a feminine blouse worn slightly unbuttoned. Stud earrings or classic hoops accent the look well, too.

Delicate gold layering necklaces worn with pale blue blouse.

2 | Add the cardigan in a neutral tone that doesn't match your blouse or your blazer. I like the versatility of beige or gray. Be sure your cardigan isn't too chunky or long to wear well under your blazer.

Light tan cashmere cardigan draped over pale blue blouse.
Light tan cashmere cardigan draped over pale blue blouse and button-front blue jeans.

3 | Layer on your blazer. I like a longer blazer for casual wear; it looks less office-y. It also makes it easier to layer over other pieces, like a cardigan.

Black blazer dangles off finger of woman wearing cardigan and blue blouse.
Black blazer layered ontop of tan cardigan, blue blouse, and button-front jeans.

4 | Wrap your scarf once around your neck, pulled tight enough to see the neckline of your blouse. Don't choke yourself!

Woman peaks through middle of gauzy ivory scarf.
ivory scarf wrapped neck, styled with black blazer, tan cardigan, blue blouse, and blue jeans.

5 | Wear your favorite flats. Shoes are a great way to introduce a print into an outfit made of solids. I love a modern mule -- chic, modern, comfy -- in either a flat or stacked heel.

Black Phillip Lim Pashlii bag and leopard flats worn with jeans.

6 | Grab your bag and go! Most bags will go with this outfit since it's so versatile and neutral. If you're looking for some direction, I like coordinating the tone of my shoes with my bag if one of the pieces is a print.

Layered winter neutrals outfit with ivory scarf, black blazer, light blue blouse, and blue jeans.


Some of the pieces I'm wearing are years old, others I got last fall. I've linked up exact items where I can, otherwise I've included very similar options that would work just as well.

BLOUSE (old Equipment, similar HERE and I like THIS and THIS casual version

JEANS (old LOFT, love these Madewell dupes)

BLAZER (old Zara, similar HERE and HERE)

FLATS (old Dolce Vita, similar HERE and HERE)

BAG (3.1 Phillip Lim Pashlii, size large. Sold out everywhere but found THIS ONE in the medium.)

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