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Five Minute Daytime Makeup Routine

Five minute daytime makeup routine using five products, beauty and fashion blogger, Tony Townie

Today I want to share my five minute daytime makeup routine which is BY FAR the routine I use most of the time. (Even better: I only use five beauty products in this entire routine but I'll get to that in a sec.) In this busy season of life it seems like five minutes is about all we have to dedicate to anything not related to our kids, jobs, and...on a good day...our social life. There's only about a gazillion things vying for our time and attention. So if it's gonna be a makeup day on a regular Tuesday, it's gotta happen with a quickness and make a big impact in a small amount of time.

This five minute makeup routine has proved to me over and over that just a minimal amount of time and effort on my part can make a big difference. With the right beauty products -- five to be exact -- I can:

  • even out my skin tone with a little tinted coverage,

  • apply SPF, and

  • add dimension with light (think: highlighter) and shadow (what do we think eyeshadow is actually doing?!).

And it's true what they say: I do feel more put together and motivated on the days I get dressed dressed and put on just a titch of makeup!

Five minute daytime makeup routine using five products, beauty and fashion blogger, Tony Townie

My Step-By-Step Five Minute Makeup Routine

Here's the step by step, product by product breakdown of how I apply my daytime makeup in five minutes or less. You'll probably notice I use several Chanel products and that's for two reasons. One: they agree with my skin and balance out my combination skin better than anything I've ever tried. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Two (and this can't be emphasized enough): my mama treats me to beauty products and I will ride that train as far as the tracks will take me. So now you know, and now we can get on to the beauty routine breakdown!

ONE // CC Cream

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Chanel CC Cream

I swear by this CC Cream for it's light coverage. It's just enough to add a little tint to your complexion and even out your skin tone during the day. The SPF 50 coverage is a HUGE bonus!

I apply the CC Cream and the bronzer (the second step/product in this routine) with the angled brush below. The short length makes me feel like I have better control over the brush and where the makeup is being applied. It's also retractable and has a cap to cover the bristles so it's very easy to stow-and-go in your makeup bag or travel cosmetics case.

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Chanel Retractable Angled Brush

If the CC Cream needs to be blended or soak into my skin a little better I dab a damp Beauty Blender around my face to do the trick! Do NOT apply your entire base makeup or CC Cream with a sponge blender since it'll soak up a lot of your makeup and you'll wind up having to use more and just wasting good (sometimes pricey) product.

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Beauty Blender Sponge

TWO // Cream Bronzer

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Chanel Cream Bronzer

Chanel makes the BEST bronzer and this cream bronzer is another winner from the House of Coco that all the big beauty bloggers are loving, too. It's easy to control how much you put on and where it goes. It also has great staying power. I typically apply it using the '3' method, brushing it over my forehead, down my temples and over to the apples of my cheeks, and then down my jawline.

THREE // Highlighter

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter

Instead of using blush I use this highlighter to add a little luminescence to my face. It makes the cheeks pop without my face looking more "done" if that makes sense. My mother-in-love brought this highlighter into my world and I LOVE it because it's so light and not overly shiny.

A good drug store budget buy highlighter I like is the Wet 'n' Wild MegaGlo highlighter if you're looking for another option. It does show up brighter than the Too Faced version but it's a pearlescent glow that I'm totally here for.

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter

FOUR // Triple Duty Eyeshadow Palette

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette

For this step it's critical you choose an eyeshadow palette that has neutral tones you can use for 1) a soft daytime eye, 2) to fill in your brows, and 3) a darker matte shadow to use as eyeliner if you so choose. My hands-down favorite palette is the original Urban Decay Naked Palette which they so sadly discontinued. (Luckily I found some still for sale HERE.) They released the one I pictured above called the Naked Reloaded Palette as its replacement. It has similar neutral colors, metallics, and options for brows and liner.

FIVE // Mascara

Five minute daytime makeup routine product: Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Mascara is the most 'must' of all must-have beauty products IMO. It's the finishing touch to any quick makeup routine to finish defining your eyes and making them look more awake. I use the Chanel Le Volume mascara because it gives me volume without looking dry or clumpy and separates my lashes well.


That's it! That's my five minute makeup routine that'll give you fabulous coverage and definition in a short amount of time. And if you don't believe me that it can all be done -- base, bronzer, highlighter, eyes, brows, and lashes -- in five minutes or less, head to my IGTV channel where I'll be posting a video of me applying all of these products with a timer running!

Thank you SO much for coming by the blog today! I hope you found this post useful to help you elevate your everyday!





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