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4 Kids Clothing Brands You Need To Know

Shopping for kids clothes is like diving down a black hole -- the cuteness just keeps on going and it's impossible to restrain yourself from wanting everything you lay your eyes on! Do you ever find yourself wishing that their stuff came in your size or that adults could get away with wearing cotton knit unicorn rompers?! Oh, that's just me? ;D

For real tho, it would be nice if a lot of the stuff didn't cost as much as adult clothing when it's like a third of the size but what are you gonna do? Nothing gets you to make an irrational purchase quite like something that's itty bitty and cutie patootie!

What I love about these four kids clothing brands I'm sharing today is that they're all sooo stinking cute and some of them do actually offer mom clothes in the same styles! They also have unique points of view on children's clothes; they look kind of adult but still sweet.

STYLES: Baby, Boy, Girl, Women's

SIZE RANGE: Infant (3mo-24mo); Toddler/Young Adult (2-12), Women's (S/M/L)

Customizable Jean Jacket // Dessert Purses // Dino Romper

Matching Pink Polka Dot Dress in Mommy's and Girls sizes

Cargo Jacket w/ Patches // Star Joggers // Star Dress

Matching Pink Tennis Dress in Mommy's and Girls sizes

STYLES: Unisex Baby/Toddler


Sunday Funday // Doughnut Tee

Unicorn // LOVE Pizza // This Cute Face

Night Life // Fanny Pack

STYLES: Baby, Boy, Girl

SIZE RANGE: Infant (Newborn-24mo); Toddler(2T-6T)

Pineapple Dress // Prima Ballerina Dress (in 3 colors) // Unicorn Shortall

Surfboard Shirt // Ruffled Shirt // Cable Cardigan

Seersuckers Shorts // Strawberry Shorts // Navy Joggers

STYLES: Infant, Boy, Girl; Lots of Unisex styles

SIZE RANGE: Baby (Newborn-12M), Toddler (12M-4T), Boy & Girl (5-14)

Overalls // Star Cardigan // Parka // Tee w/ Pocket

Sneakers // Camo Shirt // Tan Jeans

Combat Boots // Polka Dot Dress // Unicorn Dress

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