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One Love Tank + Three Exciting Things

TANK // NECKLACE // SHOES // BAG (similar) // SUNNIES //

JEANS // JACKET (available in-store and online from Nest Boutique!)

Hiiii! How is everybody's week going? We're so grateful to get some sunshine back and start playing outside again! Although Harlow just really wants to watch "Nah Nah" (translation: Moana) at all times. It's her first character/Disney obsession and it's so heartwarming to watch her get entranced over Moana. She even gets worried when Moana gets in trouble and I have to tell her that Moana's okay and that if she gets too scared to watch that's okay, too. What's funny is that the terrifying fire demon doesn't seem to bother her at all ha!

This week I'm excited for three reasons!

ONE // First up are these jeans I found at Nest Boutique. They're by DL1961 which I discovered back in my retail days and instantly became obsessed over how flattering they are through the thighs and booty. They've got the best stretch, and their construction looks good on so many body types. DL's keep their back pockets higher on your bee-hind which gives a lifting effect. Who doesn't want that??

They make these cropped flares which are so perfect to wear with wedges and platforms now, and with a fancy ankle bootie in the fall. I can't wait to wear these floral velvet booties I got during the N Sale with these jeans.

TWO // The second reason I'm pumped: the return of college football! Growing up I relished bonding with my dad during Carolina football games, soaking up everything he taught me while trying not to distract him too much from watching the game. Of course I've always been concerned with what to wear to games, and later, tailgates, and I love this white bomber jacket to wear over a team t-shirt on game day!

And now for the big one...

THREE // I am SO SO excited to tell you guys that I'm now officially part of the Reward Style network! This has been a career "bucket list" goal of mine and I'm still kind of in shock over it. For me, this means reaching a personal career goal that will hopefully allow me to achieve other goals like growing this blog to provide better and better content for you, and to also provide more for my family. I've been filled with self-doubt so many times -- wondering if I should restart my career again, wondering if I should go find a job with a steady paycheck -- and this news made me feel like I'm on the right path. Deep breath, sigh of it's time to get back to work!

For you, this means lots of goodies that catch my eye or hang in my closet will be integrated more efficiently into my blog and social media accounts. My Instagram posts (@brooklync82) will be shop-able via the 'Like To Know It' app! In case you're not in it, I highly recommend signing up to get clickable shopping links sent right to your inbox. I'm not just saying this because now I'm in the network -- I've been using it forever to get deets on outfits, decor, home goods, and baby gear I like! I've found so many brands I'd never heard of and items I'd never seen at great's definitely a shopping hack that's worth the two minutes it takes to sign up!

Thanks for stopping by to celebrate with me! Hope you have a wonderful day! xx Brooke

Photos by Catrina Earls

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