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Palm Print Two Ways

Photos by Ashley McKinney


DRESS + PANTS: Stark X // NECKLACE + EARRINGS (both pairs): Sandy Hyun // BAG: Able // TANK: Z Supply Vagabond Tank // BRALETTE: Free People

All items available at Nest Boutique


I feel silly saying this seeing as I've been whining about spring being the procrastinator this year and it's JUST NOW showing up...buuuuut these outfits are putting me in the mood for S-U-M-M-E-R! Have you ever seen a palm print and not immediately thought about summer? I mean let's be real...

The fun thing about this particular print is the colors; the mix of black, white, and peach is bold without being too much. Sometimes a palm print can be too busy or bright (or worse: both at the same time), and just overwhelm the woman wearing it. This colors in this print are both palatable and easy to work with. A simple sandal -- flat or stacked -- and some fun metallic jewelry are all you need to go with it! Easy peasy.

When I first saw these pieces at Nest, the dress immediately drew me in and then I took a chance on the pants. I'm SO glad I did -- they are so comfortable and way more flattering than I imagined. I think many women feel intimidated by a bold pant because A) we're not used to wearing them, and B) we're unsure about drawing attention to the area of our bodies we usually try to minimize. (You know what I mean -- same reason we all spend hours finding the right pair of jeans that make our *ass*ets look goooood.)

But I'm a convert and these pants did the job! They're easy to style since the bold print really limits your choices to tees, tanks, or just the right blouse. They feel so lightweight and breezy. They look good dressed up with wedges or worn more casually with flip flops. I can easily see wearing this same pair of pants out to dinner or over your bathing suit while on vacation. (YAAASSS who's excited about vacation season??!!)


You can find a few of these styles on Nest's website that you can purchase there or choose to pick-up in store. Some of them aren't up yet but you can always call the shop and they can pull the pieces in these photos with no problem. They're always ready to make the customer's experience the best and most convenient it can be!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today to talk summer style with me :) I'll be back soon with more outfit posts and some a few mommy-related topics I've been mulling over lately.

Have a beautiful day!


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