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Weekend Scenes + Pretty Dresses for Weddings and Showers

We had a staycation over the weekend at my parents' house and it did actually feel like a getaway :D Every year my husband plays with my dad in his club's Member-Guest golf tournament and rather than truck back-and-forth across Asheville early in the AM and late in the PM, we decided to stay with my parents since they live like five minutes from the CCA.

Been so into blue and ruffles this season, and I'm also trying to embrace some new colors like orangey coral. Love mixing it with bright pink! And of course a pompom never hurt ;D

Blue Dress (old, similar here and here) // Striped OTS Top // Hat // Dress (see below) // Gold Sandals (old, similar) // Pom Pom Sandals // Pink Sandals (old, similar) // Bag

On Friday night, we went to the dinner reception and I wore this coral embroidered dress that gives me slight princess vibes ha! I wore it to my bestie's rehearsal dinner and since there was no photo evidence I wore it again -- score!

ASOS Organza Dress // Ark Bag // Sandals (old, similar)

The dress is from the ASOS Salon collection and like I said -- total princess vibes! Every dress has some jaw-dropping detail like embroidery, appliqué, beading, organza overlay, or dramatic bows. They are SO pretty and great for summer weddings, bridal showers, or other special occasions on your calendar.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11

Saturday morning Harlow and I went down to Beaver Lake for an early stroll and to play in the grassy fields. This is one of my favorite places in Asheville, especially on a beautiful, clear morning. It's great for deep breathing, clearing your head, and feeling present in the moment.

Harlow's butterfly romper now comes in a sun dress that's the cutest!

My parents' bichon, Lilly, achieved new levels of spoiled rotten LOL! Notice my child is being carried while the fluffy dog is strolled.

Saturday afternoon we went to a wine tasting and cocktail party ending the Member Guest. I was excited to see a tub with all kinds of rosé iced down on National Rosé Day! My favorite was the Brut Rosé in the pretty ombré bottle. I don't remember the name and I'm having a hard time deciphering the label from looking at this picture -- anyone recognize it??

My pretty mama! I love having Harlow with us but it's nice to get some time with just us once in awhile.

Another bonus of not having your (almost) 18-month-old around is getting to wear shirts that are cute but not very kid-friendly, like this off-the-shoulder blouse from SheIn.

Like everybody else I was very intrigued by the cute designs and dirt cheap prices on the SheIn website -- I think this top was like $15 or so? I will say that it's made better than I thought it would be, but don't go thinking the fabric is high quality. Still, for as much as I will wear this shirt I really like it and I'm happy with the purchase. The bell sleeves are actually very beautiful :) It runs TTS - I'm in a small.

We got one of those calls that parents dread: Harlow had an accident. She fell into the coffee table and busted her lip. By the time we got home she was fine but her poor lip was swollen on one side. Our nanny said she cried for like one minute and then totally forgot about it when she offered Harlow strawberries -- girl loves her some fruit!

And gathered by her naked jaunt down my parents' driveway, I think she was feeling juuuust fine LOL! My dad finally caught her so we could get her in the bath.

We got our Sunday Funday on by the pool. Harlow and I rolled in hard core twining in our matching Chaser tanks and chambray shorts. In case you missed this Life Lately post, I got these Mommy & Me tops at new Asheville shop Nest Boutique and DIY Studio. They carry several prints and I may have to collect them all. Y'all do NOT want to miss Nest when it opens this month; it's already one of my fave AVL shops!

I had these crazy moments the whole time trying to process the fact that I spent almost every day at this pool growing up, and now I'm there with my daughter. And what's more, the friends I grew up playing at the pool with are there with their children, too! A cool consequence of being back in my hometown at this time in my life. It's so very awesome.

She likes me. I swear.

The cap to a great weekend was finding my fave fave fave beer (well, IPA) is finally out! It's called Hop Job by Foothills Brewing and it's crazy how much flavor it has with a low ABV percentage. I mean I love a weekend day beer as much as the next person but so many beers ring in between 6-7% ABV and that's just too much for me while the sun is up and I'm still adulting. So needless to say I will be stocking up on this seasonal release!

I think this weekend really made it hit home that it's summer now! This week I want to work on cleaning up and re(spray)painting our rocking chairs and cook seafood for dinner haha! I have a great menu lined up so be sure to check out my Instagram stories (@brooklync82) to see what I'm making this week. Think salmon with avocado salsa, fish tacos, and shrimp pasta! As always, anything worth sharing I will pin to my Reci-please Pinterest board!

Setting my intention this week with the below quote. It's a good one, right? Hope you all have a wonderful week! Be back Wednesday with a new post sharing a fabulous new dress (think rainbows and ruffles...wait...I promise it's not tacky.) 💜 Brooke

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